Christmas is COMING...

Christmas is COMING...

Tuesday 14th December 2010

I am so excited to be sharing our first Christmas with our daughter, she'll only be 7.5 months - so still to young to understand, but still plenty exciting for us anyway! I have ALWAYS been a GREAT Christmas fan; I was the kid that felt every single present under the tree, gave all the kids in my class a card and bought presents for friends of friends of friends - just LOVED everything about it! But the past few years have become more and more disappointing; however now it all changes again... it's just going to get better and better!!!!

Mr. C is not really into all the extra's when it comes to Christmas, I guess partly because we have always gone away... but he did promise that once we had kids, then he'd be happy to go all the way to make it really 'Christmassy'. One of our family traditions is going to be 'No Christmas until after Dad's Birthday'; his birthday is Dec 10th and I don't want it to be lost in all the build-up (he doesn't really care), plus I think it's important for Button (and future children) to remember family come first, and have that chance to 'celebrate Dad'!

So on Sunday we bought the tree home, and while I went to church - Mr. C and Button went across the road to Botany and bought all the decorations to go on the tree... apparently they had a ball, Mr. C LOVES spending time with her alone! So they came back with a huge bag of new decorations and some lights. I suspect if I had bought all of that I'd have got in trouble of breaking the budget - hehehe, always better to send him off by himself *grin*!!!!

So - we got the tree up that night... and then the fun began! We attempted to get the lights on 'right' four times, and finally gave up for the night - so the star went up, but nothing else; and it still looks like this:

Yep - we have still not finished it (I suspect if Button was older, we would have just completed it on the night). I am a 'throw and hope' decorator, but Mr. C is a bit of a perfectionist. I did take a couple of small videos, but I don't think they're worth sharing *grin*!!!!

So, I am still waiting to add all of these to our tree:

However - Christmas IS coming to this house eventually... I promise to upload a photo of the completed tree WHEN it is finally done :-)!



MaxineD said…
I do hope it is completed by the time we get there. :-)
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