The Christmas Tree - COMPLETED!

Thursday 16th December 2010

YES - the tree is completed, to my standards anyway (the chances are Mr. C will come home and tweak it a bit more tonight *grin*)! Mr. C did all the tinsel and lights last night, and it looked great... 

Below - how it looked at the end of the night:

Shame you can't see the effects of the lights in these photos...

I just put the red baubles up this morning while my daughter had a TWO hour sleep (yes you read that right - two hours, amazing)!!!!

It really isn't quite as plain looking as it appears in these photos, as you need to remember that there are loads of lights as well... you just can't see them flashing their pretty little messages during the day! Mr. C was muttering about putting more silver baubles on it, but I don't think it needs anything more - what do you think?!?

Now to clean up the mess... grateful our little girl doesn't move yet, so no rush to pick it all up!

We're on the countdown in our house, not for Christmas as such (although due to hosting it this year, we probably need to be on the countdown for that - if for nothing else, to stress about how much to do and how little time, but I think I'll stress tomorrow)! No, we're on the countdown to Mr.C's holidays - he finishes next Wednesday and is off until Jan 17th; 3.5 weeks of bliss... we CAN'T wait!!!! Love having him home, he really does balance me out; and Button is totally enamoured with him! She is at the point now where if he comes home and doesn't pick her up for a cuddle straight away, she grizzles at him! It is actually quite cute, and I think Mr. C becomes somewhat of a marshmallow when she does that :-)!

So today it is his 'last Thursday'... yeah!!!!! 


P.S. And then just to make next Wednesday even better, my Mum and Dad will be arriving for Christmas as well - wahoo, next week is a GOOD week!


MaxineD said…
Purple print on gray is VERY hard to read my dear!
No more baubles, but then it is always very subjective as to what is o.k., so who am I to comment?
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