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Wednesday 1st December 2010

Can you believe that this little girl:

is 7 months today:

Unfortunately I haven't taken any photos today of her, but this was taken on Monday; so it is almost the same! She is growing up SO quick...

It has been a while since I have managed to get on here; life has been BUSY lately - well, Button has been keeping me on my toes shall we say! She has not been sleeping much during the day for a few weeks, which means no 'down-time' for Mummy, and taking ages to settle at night... this means that by the time we have her down I am utterly exhausted, and have got no inclination to even go on my computer, let alone think about writing in here. I have even been quiet on Facebook, with just the odd comment here and there - haven't updated photos for a while or anything! So not like me at all...

To say that motherhood is not what I was expecting is an understatement; BUT it is getting better everyday and Button is totally entrenched herself into my heart, and entwined herself into the very fabric of my being - even on those bad days! Life would be empty without her gorgeous smile and cute little ways!

I have had a little oasis these past 24 hours, last night she went down to sleep at 6:45pm, and other than a peep at 7:30pm (which her Daddy sorted out very quickly), we didn't hear a thing from her until 6am this morning! She then proceeded to sleep for 45 minutes at 8am for me, another 45 minutes at 11am and then a whole HOUR at 2pm - what a blessing! I NEEDED it, but reality hit tonight and we didn't get her settled until 8:45pm; however she is down now for the night and I am still feeling kinda alive after the good day.

We started her on losec last week - not yet sure whether it is working, had to lower the original dosage as she was struggling with a sore tummy; not nice... but hopefully by lowering the dosage she'll cope better, and it will still be effective. She doesn't like it though, and has been spitting out the granules when I try feeding it to her; having to come up with more cunning ways of getting it into her.

Anyway - the point of this post is not to give you a Button update, rather to ask your opinion on something (as the title suggests)...

So 'Button' organised Daddy's birthday present the other day - it is three photo blocks (check out if you're not sure what photo blocks are), and they have one of his favourite pictures of her on it from last month, a picture of him at approx. 8 months and one of me at approx. 10 months... the idea being that when we enlarge the family, we can then add onto this group of three with pictures of the new members also. It is just our faces, and as Mr. C's was in black and white, I have changed mine to black and white also, but left Button's in colour - mine is not very good quality, as it is a photo of a photo (we don't have a scanner); but it'll do the job for now and I can always get it done again another time.

SO - the point of all the above babble is to say that once I had a good look at all these three photos, I can actually see more resemblance of me in Button than of Mr. C. Up until now everyone has said that she is the spitting image of her father, and hardly anyone can see any of me in her (although when she was new born she looked like me not him). However, on close scrutiny of the photos (which I will post below, I promise) I think it is really only her face shape and the cowlick that look like him - her eyes, nose and mouth are all mine!


Mr. C - approx. 8 months old

Me - approx. 10 months old

Button - 6 months old

Leave me a message and let me know if you think I am right... more of me, or more of him? 

I have another photo where I think I look even more like her (or she looks more like me), but that would need scanning as the size and quality are not good enough for me to take a photo of it. Maybe one day we'll get access to a scanner and I can share it in here also; but until then you'll need to work it out from the above!

Well that's it from Button-Land tonight, I think I'll sign off and go join Mr. C in bed... I assume he is still awake, but then again it has been quiet up there for ages (although Button appears to be rousing, hhhhmmmm)!



Mya's Mommy said…
definitely more like you.
Aynsley said…
Head shape is definitely more like L but eyes and nose/mouth like you. She's look really cute! We must try and catch up again soon - maybe we could venture up after Christmas
MaxineD said…
As a biased Gran - yes, her looks do strongly favour you, but she is uniquely herself, and very precious!!
Girl Schmuck said…
Lydia is beautiful. I am glad to hear that the sleep is better for the both of you. Being home with your little one is the best ever. You won't regret a moment. Enjoy it all
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