So - what does this mean...

Button sleeping more has many ramifications; so what does this mean:


* The housework getting done more regularly by me

* Less stressed out and tearful phone calls at work from me

* Dinner being cooked more regularly by me

* A chance to come home from work and just 'hang out' with his girls, rather than having to clean / cook or baby-sit!


* More housework being done by me

* More cooking being done by me

* More time to relax and actually enjoy my daughter

* More social-life (day and night)

* More 'me-time' doing things such as THIS!

I joked with Mr. C that it may mean I have more time, but that doesn't mean it'll be spent on housework - I'll probably go out for coffee with friends more *grin*, don't think that went over so well!

But just so you don't get the wrong idea - he has been super amazing and super supportive through-out these past 7 months, and has probably cooked more meals and done more housework than I have! And he still will help out - he says he'll still cook 3x a week, as long as I do Tues/Wed/Thurs nights being work nights... Gosh - how could a girl say no *grin*! He will also continue on doing 'his jobs' around the house (cleaning toilets, mopping floors and cleaning the shower) as he doesn't trust me to do them as well as he does - and I am not going to attempt to change his mind on that score either ;-)!!!!

I think the most exciting thing though, is that it means we can almost 'have a life' again! Once she / we have got this down pat, I am going to start putting her down regularly in her port-a-cot in our spare room when it's hot (her room gets stifling during the late afternoon), so that she gets used to sleeping in a different cot in different rooms... this gives us the opportunity to go out with her in the evenings and put her down for a sleep there. This will also mean we can now ask folk to baby-sit her, and just make sure she is down for the night before we go out; as once she is down, she's down for the night 95% of the time.

I am SO excited...


PS - I chose that photo of me for two reasons a) to prove that once in a while I can take nice photos and b) to prove once in a while Button doesn't take nice photos *grin*!!!!!


MaxineD said…
Great to see you here again :-). Good thoughts and hope it all works out.
I like your new layout/background, but the green and blur print on gray is not easy to read :-(.
Girl Schmuck said…
Yeah, Green and blue are really hard to read. but so glad you are feeling better and having more of a schedule. Super glad you have a terrific hubby who is so supportive. My husband is military and I don't do the laundry and hanging up correctly, so he does it. Fine with me. With all the extra time, sometimes a NEW baby comes along. Giggle.
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