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Going AWOL...

Until the New Year...
We are heading away for a few days over the Christmas / New Year period, and I doubt I'll have time (or motivation/inspiration) to blog between now and leaving. The first few days will be with internet access, but I am not planning on being online much; the last few days will have no phone or internet access (except mobile)... So I am taking a break, having a rest and rejuvenating myself! I may have time to write up a post or two, and just not load it until we're home - but we'll see :-)! 
Looking forward to arriving back and sharing our Christmas with you all...
But until then:
May your family know peace and joy at this time, May your home be filled with love and laughter, May your children not bicker or squabble, And may you have happy memories ever after.
Remember - Jesus is the reason for the season.
See you anon!
PS - Thank you... thank you for following my ramblings this year; it has been fun / tiresome / boring / ins…

A Few Christmas Highlights...

Despite my previous post - there has been a few highlights in the build-up to this Christmas, so I thought I would share a few here to remind myself it really is NOT all that bad :-)!

Button and I went on our first ever Playcentre trip the other week - we went through a local 'Kiwiana Christmas Walk Through'... these photos really don't do it any justice whatsoever! It was amazing, and I wish I could have had a decent camera and got photos worthy of it to share with you; but maybe next year?!?

Playcentre again - these were taken in our last week... there was a 'Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long' during one of our sessions, and the musical instruments were brought out, as well as streamers! It was SO much fun, and even Button stayed on my knee and enjoyed it - it is pretty much the only time I have actually sung Christmas Carols this year, how sad is that!

A random bunch of things: Top Left = the dress we bought Button for Christmas Day! Just the cutest little dress for the c…

Where for art thou Christmas Spirit?

Where do Christmas Spirits go? Can they find their way home? (Sung to the tune of 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'... fortunately I can't remember any other words to try and make my version longer)!!!!!

This Dear Friends, is the extent of the Christmas Spirit in our home this year... the dear darling husband of mine decided it wasn't worth investing in a tree when we are going away for Christmas this year! It will be the LAST year he'll ever get away with it again - as Button will be far to aware of it the next time we travel, whew; I need all the trappings!
I had thought I would find this year more exciting as Button is at the age now where she understands presents a little more, and is happy to rip off the paper (when she can) and 'enjoy the moment'! I am certainly looking forward to Christmas Day itself, but the build-up has been busy and stressful.
Only 4.5 more presents for me to purchase and I am done (hubby has yet to get my present as well - but then he'l…

Bloggy Love...

The other week - you may remember that we were having an anatomy scan... which can be read about here!Unfortunately when I shared it on Facebook - it was so close to our elections (like the day before), when I said 'Blue', some folks thought I was talking about who I was voting for *grin*!!!!
Not quite - the little man we are growing is SO much more important than those elections (and SO much more exciting as well *grin*)!!!! 
But one lovely friend had been following closely and understood it right from the start... next thing I know, there was a cryptic message telling me to watch and wait as a special delivery was on it's way.
And it really was:

Yep - my lovely friend Cat from Catalina's Cottageordered a gorgeous 1980's All Black Doll from Dee at Dee-Constructionfor us as soon as she heard we were going to have a boy! I had been coveting one of Dee's dolls for a long time, she is one of the most talented ladies I have come across (as is Cat - you should see the C…

The Birthday Boy

In honour of 'The Birthday Boy', I am writing in orange... not my favourite colour, but one of his :-)!
It was Mr.C's birthday on Saturday - again, I am rather late with the actual post... but better late than never right?!?
We are learning that opening presents with a toddler around is quite different to opening them when she was too little to understand! I remember watching my sis-in-law and niece last Christmas - Sienna wanted to open EVERYONE'S presents... it was cute, but! Sharlene was fantastic - making sure she didn't open everyone's gifts, but did allow her to open Mummy's gifts; I think this is something we will need to be aware of this Christmas! There is 13 months between Sienna and Button - so she'll be, this year, where Sienna was last year... although it is hard to know where Sienna will be at as we won't see them on Christmas Day this year!
So here are a few photos of Button 'helping' Daddy:

Top Left - Family photos framed from my…

A Weekend with the Grandies...

I know this is a bit late - but it has been beyond chaotic here, and I just haven't had the time to spend on posts lately; I have got six lined up to try and complete this week at some stage!
The first weekend in December saw my parents come up and visit us... My Dad is not well, and we don't have him traveling up and staying as often as we'd like to; so it was lovely to have him and Mum up for four days together!
Button is at the age now where she is starting to understand relationships, and the importance of some of them! They arrived while we were still at Playcentre on the Friday - so I had asked them to stay quiet as the chances were Button would be asleep when I got home. But as luck would have it; for only the second time in 4 months she was still awake when we arrived, much to my parents delight!
Being so tired, she was a little stand-offish with them initially, but was starting to warm up by the time I popped her down to bed... then after a lovely long sleep, they ha…

On The Same Page...

Like all couples - we have often had some rather 'interesting discussions' about money (shall we say *grin*)! He is a saver, but also a rather spontaneous spender - can you get this, let me tell you... YES! And I am a spender, but a careful spender; as in, all the bills are paid and everything done that needs to be done - but there is never any money left at the end of the pay period!

Mr.C - well he likes to think he is a saver... and when he sets his mind to it, he goes hard out and gets quite anal about every single cent spent. But in-between these extremes, he is very generous and is quite happy to spend money on - well, anyone really, but in particular me and Button! He doesn't often buy things for himself, but when he does - it is the best (such as Levi jeans etc)...
We have had to replace the fridge, washing machine, my mobile phone, my engagement ring and a number of other smaller items this year. It has been a tough year - but they are all paid off now, except the fr…

AND - the winner is:

KELLY fromElijahs Mum
Congratulations Kelly - I hope you get hours of pleasure from this! I am so excited to be able to offer this to you, it is such an amazing package; I just wish I had the time to explore it properly! But hopefully both you and I will have a whole lot fun playing around with it this summer... Please feel free to share with me some of your creations, so I can show others the amazing things that this can do (ONLY if you feel comfortable though).
As there were only nine names to enter into this draw - it wasn't done in a particularly sophisticated manner as the photos below show - but it was all legit (it is Mr.C's hand you can see pulling the name out and holding it up)!

So sorry if you missed out on this, I would have loved to have been able to offer you all a copy of this fantastic package... but don't forget, that you can still get a discount off the software by using a special code from my blog (which can be found in this post). This code will never expir…

Review - My Memories Digital Scrap-Booking Software

I have discovered I am fairly useless on the computer without specific instructions...
So this review is going to suck - not because I think the software is bad, but because I never worked out how to use it properly. I can't even show you what I did manage to do either; as I have not worked out how to convert my two pages into a .jpeg in order to upload it here (although I know it can be done)!
GRRRRR - but having already put the review off for two weeks in order to try and spend more time on it, and thus putting the draw off as well; I don't feel like I can do it again (as the chances are, it will then never happen).
So this review is to let you know - the main reason there is no real review or beautiful pictures is partly because it is 'The Silly Season' and I really have been busier than usual and not had the time to put into this; and partly to admit (once more) that I am lazy and if something 'feels' to hard, then it gets put into the 'Too Hard Basket'…

WW - We love painting...



Courageous - The Movie
Honor Begins at Home
Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they're quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God ... and to their children? Filled with action-packed police drama, COURAGEOUS is the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Riveted moviegoers will once again find themselves laughing, crying, and cheering as they are challenged and inspired by everyday heroes w…

For the purpose of being honest...

I promised you all a whole lot more honesty on my blog these days... so here goes one of those posts!
It has been a rough couple of months for us - yep, we're far from perfect; but we've not been a couple who have fought much in the past. However for some reason, these past couple of months seem to have brought out the worst in us... it has been niggle, niggle, bicker, argue.
My poor Button - one day we'll be all 'happy family', and manage to get through a whole day without even a disagreement, but the next could be the total opposite.
But in all this - I know, that I know, that I know... we're going to be alright. It has never entered my head that we wouldn't be; I know all marriages go through these tough patches, and I know we are strong enough to come through it (no matter how angry I was on any given day). I also know how loyal Mr. C is - he just wouldn't walk out, he'd do everything within his power to sort it out BEFORE he even contemplated the …

Replacement... good, bad or just plain wrong?

At the beginning of September I lost my engagement ring... it is one of those odd stories really! 
Since I had Button, I lost an extra 10kilo's of weight from pre-pregnancy days - this meant all my rings were super lose; and I was well aware of this as it felt like I was losing them daily! I lost a cheap family ring earlier in the year (down a drain pipe)... but had managed to hold onto the more important rings until then. But one morning I was throwing bread out to the birds - and, as usual, the neighbours dog bounded over and gobbled it all up before it had even left my hand ;-)! A few moments later I went to play with my ring... it was gone :-(! My Mum was up visiting, so we spent ages on our hands and knees searching for it - but there has been no sign of it since. We think the dog may have eaten it up as he gobbled up the bread; and I wasn't going to chase him around with a pooper scooper for days.
A few weeks later I rang the insurance company and lodged it... and we start…
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