Sunday 9th January 2011


Do you remember me lamenting over the fact that Button had to have blankets and towels hanging over her windows?

The cream curtains to the left actually have three towels pinned underneath it... 

The afternoon sun shines straight into her bedroom - not only making it light like 3pm in the afternoon at 7pm, but it made it unbearably hot and stuffy also... not that the blanket and towels helped with the heat, but it made a significant difference to the light! This has meant we have managed to get her into some good habits (sometimes anyway) of going to sleep at a reasonable hour (e.g. going down to bed at 7pm, even if she doesn't fall asleep for a while), rather than keeping us on our toes until 10pm!!!!

I hated the fact we had her room looking like a dark dungeon, and during the day we couldn't open the windows or curtains and let fresh air and light in for her... it really did not look like a baby's room, nor was it very inviting.

However - this all changed just before Christmas :-)!

Sometime in November Mr. C got sick of me nagging and took us down to Manukau Spotlight, where we found some gorgeous 'Sun-Block' curtaining material for her room! There was just enough on the roll, and we got 30% off the purchase price as well... was thrilled to pieces!

My parents came up for a visit and took it back with them, they then dropped it off with my Mother-in-law, who lovingly sewed it up into curtains for Button's room. My parents then brought it back up with them at Christmas, and Mum finished the hems off for us, and we finally hung them!

I am so thrilled with the final product - it is finally starting to look like a baby's room now!!!! I know Button never knew, and probably didn't care a scrap - but I did... now to save up for a set of drawers for her. Maybe it'll be worth buying a 'bedroom suite' (not an expensive one though), as she'll be out of her cot and into a single bed before you know it? This can then set her up fully while she lives at home with us; I wouldn't buy a 'baby set', as we'd just need to replace it in a few years... Mr. C is into quality (hence why we haven't bought her any yet), so we'd probably buy a 'nice' set that will last her (again - don't read 'nice' as 'expensive' though, just decent quality).

With the curtains closed...

Open and with the gorgeous view showing... 
You can see they are freshly hung here, sewing machine still set up and all!
So, what do you think - worth the wait?!?


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