Fun in the Sun...

Thursday 20th January 2011

Today Button and I had a fun day, - unfortunately I didn't take any photos, which seems such a shame now; but I have no doubt it'll happen again, and maybe next time I'll remember to take some pictures!

This morning after her first small sleep (ggrrrr), we popped outside as we could hear the neighbours boys playing in our Playhouse... so she smiled and cooed while I had a quick chat, then went in search of their respective Mums! Found them both inside their part of the house (for those unaware - we 'share' a LARGE house with two other families, we have the completely self-contained 3 bedroom house out the back known as 'The West Wing', and the other two families share 'the big house' with 9 bedrooms), so invited Button and myself over for morning tea with them. Yum - Nicol had made some divine chocolate chip cookies the day before, so it was worth pushing my way in *grin*!!!!!

Button got grizzly after only being up 1.5 hours, but after the small 45 minute sleep she'd had - that was no surprise! So at 11am, she went down for another nap (so much for trying to keep her up for 3 hours between naps), and half an hour later her Aunty Kat arrived to spend some time with her! So we had some nice adult time, and an uninterrupted lunch before Button finally woke up after 1pm... this time having over 1.5 hours of sleep, yeah!

Aunty Kat left at 2:30pm, and then I put a couple of blankets out of the patio with some toys, and Button and I settled down to play outside - I don't take her out much during the middle of the day as we don't have much shade on the back lawn, but it was shady (albeit hot) under the patio and she LOVES it outside.

Next thing I know, Laura and Reese joined us, followed not long after by little Luke when he woke up, and shortly there after by Nicol and Malachi... so us three Mums sat and chatted in the shade with Button and little Luke, while we watched the toddlers (Reese and Malachi) playing in the back yard. It was a really lovely afternoon, nice and relaxing - but I wish I had taken photos of us all there; quite often there is always someone out and about!!!!!

Then this evening when Mr. C got home, we headed off to Botany for dinner... Button had not had a third sleep, despite me putting her down twice in a vain attempt to encourage sleep! But she was a perfect angel all afternoon, despite having been awake since 1:30pm or thereabouts. She sat quietly at Botany and played with stuff on our table (cardboard and chopsticks), coped coming home (didn't melt-down in the car like she normally does when she is tired), and went to sleep quickly after a feed. SO IMPRESSED... my little girl is growing up!

Next time we manage a nice relaxing afternoon with all the neighbours, I'll have to take some photos ;-)!


PS - Despite me eating all the good baking that goes on next door, I will be slowly repaying them soon... Mr. C wants me to start practising baking so when 'the kids' get older they can have healthy homemade snacks! As he is gluten-free, I will be needing guinea pigs to taste test, and the girls (and toddlers) next door get that delightful job ;-)! Hopefully things turn out eatable - or I may find them all resigning!

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