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Tuesday 18th January 2011

So I thought I would share our 'at home summer holiday' with you all, but as it was quiet - rather than bore you with minute details that you probably wouldn't want to know or care about, I'd share some photos instead... hmmm, I be thinking this is a good time to practise my linking also! Please note - anything highlighted and underlined is a link to a previous post on my blog :-)!

So holidays started for us on December 22nd when Mr.C finished work early and my parents arrived for 5 days...

It was Button's first Christmas and we were hosting Mr. C's family for the first time.

We were also finally able to get curtains up in Button's room with the help of both my Mother-In-Law and my Mum also... it is starting to look more like the baby's room that I had envisioned now.

After my parents left, we managed to get some quality family time in with a few hours down at the Botanical Gardens.

We were then blessed enough to see the New Year in with our good friends Russell and Rowie - they even cooked most of the dinner for us.

We have spent some time with Luke's sister and niece (and brother-in-law as well), and the girls are finally really starting to notice each other and interact! It'll be so much fun as they get older and start to really play together, we're all hoping they'll grow up good mates - being only 13 months apart.

We made plans to go to Hamilton for the day and catch up with two lots of good friends, however the day before we were due to go we found out that my friends Dad had died suddenly in an accident. You can read about that here . We couldn't make the funeral due to distance, which I struggled with immensely...

However, we chose to carry on with our planned trip to Hamilton anyway, as the other friends we wanted catch up with were visiting from Nelson - we had never met their daughter, and we don't know how long it will be before we next see them (planning a trip down to Nelson mid-year, stay tuned).

It was so lovely to finally meet sweet Anna - thanks Marianne and Gareth, we had a wonderful day with you all.

We then had some other friends come and visit us, and I got to meet their two daughters... last time we saw them, they just had the one son! It was wonderful to finally meet Abby and Ellyse though - such little cuties!

The three girls - Abby, Button and Ellyse

We then had some of Hubby's good friends pop over for lunch and Button totally played up to them - giggling, laughing and generally being a little cutie! She doesn't do this often, so it was lovely to see.

We have had picnics in our backyard, story times, and trying heaps of new foods as well...

We had our first (unsuccessful) trip to the zoo - feel free to have a read here and have a giggle at our expense, apparently my Mother-In-Law laughed all the way through it! Never mind, many years ahead of us to get it right!

Button also got to attend her first ever wedding - yay, was such a lovely day.

We also went to the shops many times over, had coffees, visited friends, had other friends over and my highlight was being able to start and finish three whole books! WOW - I think I have only ever started and finished one other book since Button was born! 

It was relaxing, fun and just a good ole' kiwi summer holiday (albeit at home and not at the beach)... I miss it already! But plenty more sun to come, so hopefully we'll be able to continue making the most of it.

I think Button's biggest achievement is MOVING - yes, she can move now. Not quite crawling, but that isn't far behind either.

So gone is my nice quiet life ;-)!!!!



MaxineD said…
Lovely resume - holidays at home are the least stressful, cheapest and I feel you have more quality time as a family at home than away, just doing day trips.
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