Uh oh - we're in trouble!

Hmmm - having never put a video up on here before, I can only hope this will work!

This is not a good video of her, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload the slightly bigger one I wanted to put up...

Anyway - the point is, this was taken January 7th, and it was the first time we'd seen her attempting the next step to crawling (up on hands and knees rocking) in public. Both Mr. C and I have caught her 'practicing' it in her cot however - so we knew it wasn't far off!

She managed to go backwards yesterday for the first time (almost fell off the stairs), but no forward movement as of yet... however, even now she is much stronger and when she 'head butts' the carpet, she just pushes herself back up.

Won't be long and our entire lives will never be the same!!!!



MaxineD said…
Going well - look out world here I come!!

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