Welcoming in 2011...

Welcoming in 2011...

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Ahhh - the sound of peace! My baby is transitioning from three sleeps down to two sleeps... this has meant that by late afternoon she is beside herself with exhaustion, and over the weekend she never even got to eat her dinner; let alone have a bath. So I went back to giving her a dream feed, to make sure she made it through the night, between that and the excessive heat - poor baby probably needed the extra feed! Yesterday we managed to get dinner into her, she scoffed it down... and she got a BATH, yay - she LOVES her bath and I am sure she was missing it!

So I decided to try and hold her out a little longer between sleeps today, in the hopes that by going down a little later,  they last a little longer and - thus making it easier on her at the end of the day. However, I fear I kept her up a little TOO long this time! She normally handles two hours, and if we're out she copes with three hours between sleeps... so I managed to keep her up for three hours this morning, but she was so tired that she stayed awake for nearly four hours, and I had to go up and calm her down - thankfully she only took five minutes to settle to sleep once I put her back down again. I am thinking maybe start at the 2.5 hour mark, rather than trying to push her out to the three hours again :-(. Poor baby, bad Mummy!!!!!!! Never mind, we live and learn... hopefully this means I get a two hour sleep out of her now though; which will mean up at 1pm and down again about 3-3:30pm, and she'll be much happier with the later afternoon / evening routine, and maybe Daddy will get a 'happy girl' cuddle after work!!!!!

Anyway - this post was not meant to be about Button (hahaha, what post isn't about Button *grin*)!!!!!

I have been thinking about the new year, new start - as everyone does this time of year, and so many people have blogged on it already, and most have done a 'Look Back on 2010' as well... ahhhh, so far behind! Mr. C only went back to work yesterday, and while we have had a load of fun and both Button and I miss him during the day - it is a chance to finally slow down, and get some 'me-space' again! So hopefully over the next few days/week, you'll hear more from me... maybe!

One thing I need to learn to do this year - is how to do links on my posts... I couldn't do a 'Look Back on 2010' even if I wanted to, as I have no idea how to do links! Ha, so that is my first foray into 2011 - learn how to link, not just past posts of mine, but other peoples as well! You never know, I may get keen and want to do things like 'Thankful Thursdays' or 'Wordless Wednesdays' or even 'Wardrobe Wednesdays' or the many hundreds of other possibilities out there in cyberspace, just begging for you to blog and link with them...

Other than that - I am still working through and deciding what I need to focus on (got the main theme sussed, but...); life is different with a child in tow, so I realise that whatever I decide, not only does it have to fit in with Button, but it has to fit in with the fact we want more kids as well. My life and time is no longer my own for the next few years, and that is something I need to keep in the top of my mind whatever decision I make - it effects more than me these days.

Mr. C's focus this year (focus sounds better than resolution) is 'Balance', he acknowledges that he is inconsistent, and is very much an 'All or Nothing' kind of guy; so this year is about balance in all areas of his life for him:
- Eating
- Exercise
- Family
- Future
- Spiritual
- Work
No order of importance here, just alphabetical ;-)!

I know my main focus, but how to break it down and work it into my life is where I am getting a little stuck right now...

So without further ado, my main focus for 2011 is:

'Always look on the bright side of life'

I am a born pessimist, bit like me 'ole Dad and it drives Mr. C bananas... so this year my goal is to learn to be more positive. Part of this is to learn not to stress so much, go with the flow more (kinda have to with kids) and relax. But another important part of it is to assume the best, not the worst - whether that means assume the best in people or situations, even things like today; bad weather doesn't necessarily mean bad day!

Mr. C also wants me to start slowly regaining some semblance of life... now that we have Button's reflux under control and her sleeping is SO much better (she has been down 1.5 hours now, so I may get the 2 hour sleep I am hoping for *grin*). So part of this is making sure I attend BMG regularly this year (our homegroup), as he is happy to stay at home and babysit - this gives me some spiritual and social input each week. I also want to be more productive in the evenings, quite often we blob at the moment - we hardly ever watch TV, but you'll either find us watching programmes on the computer that Mr. C has downloaded, or we'll both be at our own computers; him studying and me surfing! I used to write loads of poetry and short stories, he loves my writing and has always encouraged me to pursue it - which I haven't, maybe this is the year to consider it?!? I have loads of idea's for novels (I am not saying my writing is worth publishing, or that anything I write will ever be read by anyone else - but if I don't try, I'll never know and I'll be as bad as the servant who buried his talent in Matthew 25). I also want to get into scrapbooking more, not sure if I'll do it with real scrapbooking, or try digital scrapbooking - both intrigue me, and get me excited ;-)! I started and completed my first ever scrapbook last year for Mr. C for his 40th birthday, and was quite proud of it if I must say so myself... but it took a whole lot of time, money and effort to keep going at it - hence the hesitation, I don't really have the time or the finances we had then, let alone the space with a now moving baby, who won't be long before she is crawling; followed by a walking toddler!!!!! I think maybe digital scrapbooking would be easier, I can then use places like www.snapfish.co.nz to print out anything I create...

Anyway, enough from me; I have a habit of dribbling on (even IRL *grin*)!



Jenn said…
Happy new year!
When we were transitioning to 2 naps I found (probably on the internet!!) the 2-3-4 routine, which I found worked great for us, cos I never knew how long D would sleep for so couldn't so some kind of rigid routine otherwise if she only slept for 45min and was supposed to sleep for 2hrs I would be in for a cranky baby!

If you haven't heard of the 234 thing - basically you keep baby up for 2hrs after they wake up in the morning (so if they wake at 7am, first nap is at 9ish). Then next nap happens 3hrs after waking up from that nap. Then bedtime happens 4hrs after waking from the 2nd nap.

Might not work for you, but I found the timings pretty much bang on for my daughter!

Good luck with the transition - I hate to tell you that as soon as you get used to the 2 nap its only a few months (or weeks!) until the transition to 1 nap starts! The only constant thing is change!
MaxineD said…
You go girl and 'do' something, how ever small it may start out as - I heartily agree with that.
Aynsley said…
I'm with you completely on the "going with the flow" more this year. I need to remember that you can't and shouldn't plan for every eventuality, the glass is half full not half empty and sometimes things just go better without lists! By the way the new background is awesome!
Amy said…
Yup, along with Jenn's comment, my mum said to me last night "the only thing reliable about a baby is that they will be unreliable."
Ahhh, that explains it then!

I'd like to learn to do links between posts too - so if you find out can you let me know? I don't think I will get to it before you as running out of time before study...

Love the new look to your blog, and your plans to get to BMG sound so good.
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