Friday 4th February 2011

For those who don't me IRL (in real life), let's just say that neither cooking nor baking are a strength for me... understatement here, but you will soon see that as the story unfolds! After you read this you'll laugh at the fact that I did 'Home Economics' right the way through High School, and got top of my class in 5th form, and 3rd in 6th form - I also achieved a National Certificate in 5th Form with relatively high marks. I had even wondered about becoming a Chef for a while (as well as a journalist or a teacher - was leaving my options open *grin*), but thankfully this never got much beyond a fleeting thought, and I am sure you'll all heave a sigh of relief at that ;-)!

Because I am not a 'natural' cook/baker, Mr. C and I decided that this year needs to be the year of change and experimentation - I need to at least become competent, even if I'll never be good, as we've now got a child... and she is eating, but currently not at the point of sharing meals with us yet - whew! I can handle mashed potato / kumera / carrot / pumpkin etc., and she DOES eat them with great gusto!

So anyway - I thought I'd start small and work my way up to more complex baking... I saw PaisleyJade made some fudge HERE , and I thought 'What could be easier? Four ingredients and about five steps...'. Oh, what a sucker!

Lets just say - burnt toffee anyone?

My poor saucepan will never be the same again - want proof, okay here it is... have a giggle (someone has to laugh, I'm still to mortified too be laughing):

Note the recipe says it should be a 'honey caramel' colour... it is not, that should have been my first clue! I rang Mr. C, he told me I must have had the element to hot, kinda figured that one out eventually - too late I might add! 

I keep trying it 'just in case', but it still tastes burnt as well :-(! I guess when the smoke alarm starts making little warning beeps, and there are wafts of smoke puffing from my saucepan and gently wafting up each time I stir - I really should have guessed then. 

I bet you're thinking 'How thick can this girl be?"... well, I was still praying feverishly at that point that my first attempt at baking wouldn't be a flop. I really didn't want Mr. C coming home to the stench of burnt toffee, or my daughter waking up to the sound of the smoke alarm (and the nightmare realisation that her Mother REALLY can't cook).

Oh well - gives me room to try again one day... maybe!



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