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Wednesday 9th February 2011

I am so excited to have found Kiwi Mummy Blogs  - I had no idea there were so many others in New Zealand who blogged, at the time I (re)started my blog I did a search for other Kiwi Bloggers; but only really got hits from outside of here. So I set about following a few 'Christian Mommy Blogs' that I came across and went from there. Eventually I found  Mariah and was quite excited to see there was at least one other Kiwi Mummy who blogged, but on having a quick look through her blog - I found 'Kiwi Mummy Blogs' (see link above) and the rest is history! I have spent hours looking through Sarah's amazing website, been inspired by what folk are sharing, laughed and cried with others and generally feel like I have 'come home'! I don't know how to explain it, it's like an addiction and I LOVE it... even when there are times I don't touch my blog for days or even weeks on end, I still follow others and read quietly in the background.

On top of that - what I wasn't expecting is to find a large number of these regular writers are actually Christian women as well... a community of faith, as real as any church you happen to attend. I love it!

I know I haven't blogged much about my faith, but it is an integral part of our lives; without my Lord and my church I don't know where'd I'd be today. Maybe one day I'll share a little of my life, and why my faith has become such a cornerstone in my life? Maybe!

You can tell by comments left that some if these ladies have been around in the 'bloggersphere' for years and have 'known' each other for a long time - they encourage each other on bad days, challenge each other and generally seem to have a repoire with each other that I am longing for... I am sure that with time this will come, and until then I will quietly read and comment and be inspired / encouraged / challenged and generally changed by the words these lovely ladies share.  I say ladies as I have yet to come across very many male bloggers...

I have noted people tend to be more honest about things in 'Blog-Land', I wonder if this is because we are 'hiding' behind the computer screen, and don't have to look anyone in the eye as we talk about what is bothering us... So much easier to be honest when you think the people you're 'talking' to will never actually meet the 'real' you, and thus won't be judging you the same, or maybe that's just me!?!

So - on that note, maybe you can expect an 'Honesty Entry' from me coming soon... maybe, depends how brave I am feeling! I have been quiet lately as I have been processing some stuff, but I find personally - that writing about it helps; so maybe...


PS - I discovered last night that I can make one of my blogs private and still leave the other one open... how exciting is that! How slow am I!?! I think I'll be spending some of my day going through and sorting that out (don't worry, this is my open blog *grin*)!!!!


Penny said…
Yes it's such an encouraging community once you get to 'know' some of the bloggers. Lots of amazing women of faith! Nice to 'meet' you
Leonie said…
Its wonderful isnt it. I love KiwiMummy blogs. And Ive been so lucky to meet some fellow KMB's in Australia and here in NZ.

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