I got an AWARD!

Thursday 17th February 2011

Yeah - thank you SO much Penny from My Spirited Baby !!!!

Here's what you gotta do: 

1. Thanks and link back to the blogger who passed this award onto you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award other recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Hmmm - 7 things about me:

- I was 28 when Mr. C and I met, and 29 when we got married... we had been flatting, and he proposed out of the blue, and we were married within three months!

- I had a chronic incurable disease called 'Hidradenitis Supporativa', got it when I was 18 and it got bad enough that I needed 4 years off work in my mid-late twenties. Then in my 30's God healed me, and I have been 'HS' free for about 3 years now!

- I am 10kg's lighter now than when I got pregnant with Button (the joys of a reflux baby *grin*)!

- I am a fully trained Early Childhood Teacher, but have not worked in this since finishing my training due to my ill health (had worked in it for 4-5 years prior to training). When I got better I decided I didn't want to do it anymore, and went into accounting (of all things - I hated maths at school and NEVER took accounting *grin*)!

- I struggle with fear... I fear EVERYTHING, and always have. Even as a kid I can remember always thinking/imagining the worst case scenario in every situation; you'd never get me on things like a Flying Fox etc, as I had always seen myself coming off it in my mind long before you'd have tried convincing me to attempt it!

- I was in love with Michael Jones (All Black) as a teenager, and was convinced he was waiting for me to get old enough so we could get married ;-)! My walls were covered in pictures of him!

- I am still best friends with a girl I have known since I was 5 and she was 4 (we met at church)... I am a surrogate Aunty to her three girls, and she is to my girl as well. She is the closest thing I have to a real sister - she knows me well, and has known me for a LONG time.

Now to award 7 other folk, here goes:

First award will go to my sister-in-law who inspired me to try blogging again:

Then Mariah - she was the first ever kiwi Mummy I found blogging beside myself and Amy, it was from her I found Kiwi Mummy Blogs

Next is Lisa - I have 'known' Lisa through a Yahoo Group (Christian Journaling) that I was involved in years ago. Her writing inspires and challenges me, and she has an amazing family - I hope one day our family love each other as much as hers does!

Now it's another Amy - a lady I have also 'known' for a long time through the Yahoo CJ group... her writing challenges me, and makes me laugh!

Now it's Angela - I LOVE her '5 at 5' or her '8 at 8', her tips are fantastic and I think I need to start noting some of these down! I also find her really funny, and look forward to her posts.

Number six is Kristy  - I love her photography, I love how she shares her family and their adventures with us... I want to be like that when I grow up *grin*! I can only hope our family has as much fun as her's does...

And finally - I have just discovered Simoney, and am totally in-love with her blog! I have just spent the past two days reading, reading and reading - I love her writing style, I can relate to so much that she writes about and we seem to have a lot in common... so here's to many more posts Simoney!

I am new to this so have probably gone way over-board, but hey - you'll just have to forgive me! 

But while I am at it; I thought I'd do an unashamed plug for my Mum also! I didn't pick her as I didn't want this to look like a 'family thing', and also she only blogs about her craft, and thus involved in a whole heap of blog rings and such relating to that! However - if you want to see some AMAZING card making, head on over to:

And tell her I said hello!

Anyway - I'll sign off now, but that award MADE MY WEEK, so thanks again Penny!



PaisleyJade said…
Thanks so much Elizabeth!! So good to read more about you - especially that amazing healing you had! xoxo
Simoney said…
Thanks Lizzy!!!
Your kind words about my blog are a real encouragement. Totally appreciate the award and it's great to read a bit about you.
MaxineD said…
Thank you sweet heart for the shout out!! you have got your reward so quickly - took me over a year to get my first one :-)
Love you
I'm TICKLED PINK, you honey! Your comments are always a treat, but your words here are like a 5 star dessert.

P.S. I'm really impressed by life-long friendships...we moved so much and created many disjointed relationships as a result, I'm also envious of them!
Lisa Easterling said…
You are precious. I am so glad God crossed our paths all those years ago and that we are still friends. Keep your writing as real and beautiful as it is now, and you will continue to be an amazing blogger. Love you, girl!
Girl Schmuck said…
Elizebeth you made my day. How cool are you. I am going to copy your formatt. I will have to work on this today and then tonight after kids go to bed. We are planting her in USA, FLorida. Cucumbers and green beans going in the dirt today. Already eating strawberries. I didn't know about your illness. I am glad your healed and healthy and you have a baby girl to prove of Gods amazing love. Thank you again.

Amy in Florida
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