Poem - Beautiful Baby

22nd February 2011

I used to write a lot of poetry - not all the time, but regularly enough that I would get 'inspired' and have to write whatever it was, down then and there... thus I used to keep pen and paper by my bed, as most of my inspiration came at night. Can't do that now, and as time has gone on the inspiration has slowly dried up except for the odd occasion, or when asked to write something quite specific.

Anyway - Mr. C has been on my back a bit about getting back into my writing; he really believes that one day I'll write a novel (although not the way I am going), he truly believes I am gifted enough to do that - personally, I have my doubts! However, I sat down tonight and penned my first poem in eons... literally!

Please don't judge me on this - it is full of clich├ęs, and definitely not up to my usual standards, by any stretch of the imagination; BUT it's a start and will hopefully get my creative juices flowing enough to pen something decent. I am not even sure why I am sharing this - but I am... I am being brave! Maybe by sharing this, I will feel the need to get off my behind and write a decent one to prove to you that I really am capable of more ;-)!

So - without further ado, here is my latest (albeit lame) poem, written for my daughter until I am back up to standard and am able to write her something decent for her wall!

Beautiful Baby

22nd February 2011

To the beautiful baby,
With the big blue eyes.
You've stolen our hearts,
Our minds, our whole lives.

You give gorgeous hugs,
And that contagious smile,
Just melts our hearts,
Leaves us breathless for a while.

A love so profound,
Hit us hard on the day,
That you made your entrance,
So glad you're here to stay.

Life would be gray now,
If you weren't around.
You colour our world,
With colours not yet found.

You bring light and life,
To places there was none.
You've opened up doors,
And exposed us to the Son.

I can't imagine how,
We survived all these years,
Without that sweet sweet smile,
And the cowlick in your hair.

There's just so much joy,
In our home and in our hearts,
Baby you're the one,
Right from the very start!

© Elizabeth C


MaxineD said…
Well done and very brave!!
Amy said…
Hey Elizabeth,
Well done on taking the plunge and getting started again - I think that must be the hardest part! Perhaps you could reinstate a little notebook to jot down one-liners or such? I really liked the verse:
I can't imagine how,
We survived all these years,
Without that sweet sweet smile,
And the cowlick in your hair.

It made me smile as it is so Lydia! Looking forward to seeing future instalments.
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