Things I have learnt recently...

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

1) There is a reason why some wipes are cheaper than Huggies - they're small, thin and are not damp at all... so it's back to Huggies we go next time!

2) My daughter likes routine, it means she knows what to expect... so Mummy asking Nana to bath her wasn't such a good idea the other night. However, we all survived and it won't be long until she is old enough to start saying 'Nana bath, Nana bath'!!!!

3) Always close your windows at night (especially when you have the lights on) BEFORE the crickets start singing and dancing... otherwise you get a bedroom full of crickets, uurrrggghhhh!!!!

4) Baby can sleep through almost anything - even when her Dad spends the morning sneezing (loudly), drops things, and generally makes a lot of noise first thing!

5) When the mornings get slightly darker and cooler, I get an extra hours grace... maybe summer coming to an end isn't all bad!

6) When Button wakes herself up with coughing during the evening - she actually puts herself back to sleep while chatting, very cute! AND no more coughing, not sure how she managed it; but hey - we didn't complain!

7) When the Met Service tells you it's going to be showers late afternoon - expect to wake up to rain ;-)!

And now the baby has woken up, so all other lessons will have to wait!


PS One more lesson learnt this morning - when your daughter is coughing don't ignore it, thinking it is related to her cold... she could be CHOKING!!!!! Ahhhh - but just so you know, we all survived; she just had to vomit to get my attention *guilty of being a bad Mum*! Oh dear!


MaxineD said…
We are always learning - don't belt yourself up for missing the odd thing - as long as you don't repeat it!!
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