Thursday 17th February 2011

I am running a little behind here... Anniversary Weekend feels like a long-lost memory, somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind; but thankfully I have MANY photos to jog my Mummy-Brain!

We chose to travel down to my parents on Saturday morning to avoid the worst of the traffic, especially the Parachute Festival traffic (if you've never heard of it - check out the link: Parachute Music Festival...) crazy people these Christians ;-)! I so remember being young enough to enjoy those kinds of weekends, , I digress though!

So we headed off down south about the time we would have put her down for her first sleep on Saturday (plus another hour *ooops*), and hoped like mad that this time she'd fall asleep quickly and easily... hhhmmm, sometimes I must have memory-lapses and think that I have someone else's kid! Well - we did get 45 minutes out of her, which is a very GOOD car-sleep from her; but it wasn't easy listening to her grizzle herself to sleep.

We stopped in at Hamilton and caught up with some close friends... Button got duly admired by their older girls (they hadn't seen her since October):

Then we carried on down and arrived at Gran and Poppa's in time for lunch (my parents), much to their delight... they had been counting down the sleeps that week, and were thrilled to finally have us there! One thing I never have to question is how much our little girl is loved, she is doted on by family!

So that afternoon was spent getting reacquainted - Button and I had spent a week with my parents in October, so while she takes a little bit of time to warm up; I do think she remembered something of that week! She was funny though, we managed to get two afternoon sleeps out of her - she went down well, I was SO impressed... but she fell asleep sitting up as the cot down there made it much easier for her to pull herself up. Hence why the sleeps were SO short (30-40 minutes each), as she'd woken herself up when she fell over...  and the drool puddle she left; hehehe! It took us a while to work it out, and I am not sure what it was that made it all click - but what a hoot when we realised what she was doing!

The next day my brother and sis-in-law (Amy's Blog) came over from Tauranga to spend the day with us, their son is only 3 weeks younger than Button but we've only met him the once... it was SO good to see them again, and watch the cousins together:

Munchkin & Button getting reaquainted

'Playing together' as only 8 month olds can do!

Say 'cheese'!

At one point during the day we all (except Dad) went for a walk around Lake Moananui - Mr. C carried Button in the front pack (we couldn't fit the stroller into the car when we came down *grin*)... but as he loves taking her out, it was no issue! He is the kind of Dad that lets her try EVERYTHING and see everything - so they wandered around at their own pace, meaning Mum and I got to have a good natter as my brother and Amy went on ahead trying to get their wee lad to have a sleep in the stroller.

Part way round the lake is a lovely playground, parts of it are new - I hadn't seen it, but we won't be forgetting it now either; Mr. C and Button had a lot of fun and she got to try a lot of 'firsts' that day!

And despite what impressions it leaves, Tokoroa can actually be quite picturesque, check out these:

We had one tired little girl by the end of that walk, and only a Mummy-cuddle would do!

My brother & family went home again after dinner and we settled Button for the night - she was fantastic with her day sleeps, but getting her down both evenings was a bit of a challenge. However, once she was down she slept all night... pity we couldn't sleep that second night - there was a party across the road :-(!

Monday saw us spending the day with Mr. C's parents, they had cut their weekend away short in order to make sure they spent some time with us also. It is quite handy in many ways having both sets of parents living in the same town, but in other ways it is also difficult - especially now with a baby, as we have to try and work around her to make sure both sets of Grandparents get time. When it was just us - it made the 'sharing around' SO much easier ;-)! Never mind - it is a blessing having two sets of doting Grandparents who want to spend time with our girl; so I'll happily fit them both in for as long as we need to!

Nana and Daddy
(Doesn't Mr. C look like his Mum!?!)!

Grandad and Nana

There was so much else... loads of fun, loads of laughs, loads of cuddles - I love family! So many photos, so many memories; so little time and space to share them all... but just one more photo:

Then it came to the trip home - we chose to head back north Monday night to avoid the worst of the traffic... but that was NOT something either of us want a repeat of. Button is not a good traveller during the day, but night time is just that much more torturous for her. She pretty much screamed / cried / grizzled from Tokoroa to just south of the Motorway; we'd hoped she'd just put herself to sleep (we left at her bed time on purpose). She hates the lights, so I tried covering her car seat with numerous different things and numerous layers - how she got any air at all is beyond me! I sat in the back most of the way north and sang / talked / cajoled and basically did whatever it took to try and calm her - in the end I put on my growly voice and told her off (which wasn't hard to do by then, as I was at my wits end and she was just over-tired and didn't know how to cope)... well that worked, and she quietened down and put herself to sleep. I so should have thought of that sooner ;-)!

Oh well - we won't be doing that again for a while! But we all survived, and my sweet Mum sent us a text when we got home (had let them know we'd arrived home safely by then) and said that God gave Button the right parents as most people would not cope as well as we do with her! It made me cry as I was so exhausted by then... but you do what you have to do for your kids I guess!

Anyway, lesson well learnt - you won't be reading about a repeat of that trip here any time soon ;-)!


PS - I still have lovely memories of the weekend though, and just try to blank out the trip home ;-)!


Amy said…
Love your photos of the Lake...and it really is picturesque, isn't it?! And what on earth were you and Luke doing in that last one? Looks like so much fun!
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