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We have had a lovely weekend, despite the rain...I am not a big rain fan at all (well, not in the middle of winter when it hasn't stopped for 6 weeks, and there is at least another 6 weeks to go anyway *grin*)! I don't mind the odd day or two of rain in the middle of beautiful fine weather, but I have to admit to being over it by Sunday ;-)! We had my parents up for the weekend - both sets of parents live in a small town 'down south' (they attend the same church, and knew each other before Mr. C and I had ever met... we attended a different church - anyway, that's another story for another time *grin*)! It was Mr. C's niece's 2nd birthday this past week, so his parents were coming up for that and offered to bring my parents up also; NICE! Button LOVED having them here, she is finally at the age where she is starting to recognise familiar people in her life, and Gran is one of them... I think she also is linking Pop to her as well, but Gran has come up a fe

Happy Belated Birthday Dad...

Friday 25th March 2011 Dear Dad, I have been thinking about this for a few days, but haven't had the time to sit down and actually type it up for you. So I hope, that even though it is 3 days late - you will forgive me, and manage to appreciate the sentiment :-)! I was just thinking back 12 months and how much things have changed... 12 months ago we were celebrating your 70th, and had some family photos taken: We had managed to sneak our big brother over from Australia as a surprise for you, even though you thought you knew - you didn't really, and the look on your face said it all as he walked in that afternoon with Mr. C and I: I only wish we'd been able to capture your face as Brendon walked in...! You had a VERY pregnant daughter and also daughter-in-law: And while we knew that Button was on her way, the others had chosen not to find out - so we were still in suspense :-)!  Little did we know how much these gorgeous babies would change our lives though...

Things I'm Loving... this week

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  Linking up with:  PaisleyJade I haven't done this for a couple of weeks - been a long fortnight with little to report or love... but decided to pull my finger out and just do it :-)! 1) Loving my girl  - Loving that she is a book worm: - Loving that she is choosing the toys SHE wants to play with like I hoped: - Loving that I am constantly underestimating her: 2) Loving her hands-on Daddy 3) Loving that we got to have dinner and spend the evening with my lovely Mother-In-Law on Wednesday! 4) Loving that my parents are coming up this evening for the weekend! 5) Loving that we get to celebrate my beautiful niece's 2nd birthday tomorrow with family and a few special friends! 6) Loving that our cat is so gentle and placid and is the perfect companion for our wee girl! 7) Loving that I am a stay-at-home

Standing... EVERYWHERE!

Monday 21st March 2011 So I thought I would share just a few photos of Button... as you see her probably 80% of the time these days! So this was taken at the beginning of the month, the first day she 'discovered' she could pull herself up against the couch... This was taken the first day we got The Walker for her, borrowed from my lovely sister-in-law... she knew instantly what to do with it (although you can see here that she isn't quite as confident as she was standing against the couch - it moves *grin*)! Then Gran came to stay and showed her how to hold on and WALK behind the 'lawnmower' outside, so she attempts this with the walker inside now (scary with tiles)! Then there is the inevitable 'I wanna hold your hand' moments, even if it's just to practise my walking skills... The next few photos have been taken over the past 24-48 hours, as I try to document everything she is now using for her standing/walking skills; if it's bigg

Bits and Pieces...

BITS AND PIECES... Monday 21 March 2011 The stupid internet is going slow at the moment, I'm not sure why - we have not used up all our broadband allowance or anything... driving me insane, as I can't look at photos on facebook, or download big e-mails or anything - it just times out :-(! So I am typing this up in Word, and hoping it allows me to copy and paste it onto Blogger at some stage. There hasn't been much to write about lately, as we have had a couple of quiet weeks while the last of the tummy bug worked its way through the house - Button taking 10 days to come right, poor wee girl! But she seems to be over it now and is back to normal eating, although her sleeping is still not the best. Now she seems to be coming down with a cold - poor girl, it seems to be one thing after another at the moment for her. We are hoping (and praying) that the cold doesn't stay around long, as my parents are visiting this weekend; and with Dad having had pneumonia recently, the

Family Dinners

Tuesday 15th March 2011 So - I rang Plunket the other day; Button has not been herself since the tummy bug last week and I was getting concerned (but wasn't sure if I should be or not). She is not eating much, and is not sleeping well during the day and not only requiring a dream feed, but also waking for another feed sometime between 4-6am - I haven't had to deal with this since she was new born! So I just wanted some advice as to whether or not she really was sick still and we had to wait it out, or whether she may be pulling our leg a bit... Turns out, with all the information I shared - she probably still does have a funny tummy... I guess I knew this deep down, but just needed reassurance that I wasn't ruining our lives by feeding her twice during the night. Our neighbour, whom we think we caught the bug off, was like this for over ten days as well; just spoke to Laura (Mum) today about it, and she says the difference in little Luke this week compared to a fortnight

Home Education At Its Best...

Tuesday 15th March 2011 Today Button got introduced to a frog... meet Fred (or was it Freda - I'm not really sure *grin*)! It has been let loose now, but it had spent the day in a container in our spare room, waiting for Mr. C to come home and show Button (he caught it last night just before she went to bed). She was one very interested little girl, but we had to watch her very closely, as her interest was based around squishing the poor little thing! So Fred got held further and further away, and little hands came reaching out closer and closer... Eventually the interest waned - what's the point if you're not allowed to touch, feel and squish ;-)! So Mr. C went in pursuit of other little bodies to show, ones who would appreciate the great skill it took to catch wee Fred, and would not be trying to squish him every few seconds. Lucky for him we have two such little men next door who were just the ticket! And the teachable moment got extended... I think h

5 Things I Love About ME!

5 Things I Love About ME! Tuesday 15th March 2011 Linking up with  Gail from Delightfully Diva-ish Hmmm - I have been sitting on this for a few days hoping that somehow miraculously I will come up with five things I like about me... it is harder than I realised though :-(. Okay - first one is easy... but that is probably where it stops for me at the moment; hopefully by the end of the day I will be inspired enough to finish this blog! 1) My hands / nails and eyes... Thought I would put the physical stuff altogether, otherwise it's like cheating! I could split them up; but that really wouldn't work with the challenge at all. These are probably the only things I like about the physical stuff... but it's a start! I have been blessed with long fingers and nicely shaped nails from my maternal Grandma; they get commented on a lot and I do try to look after them! Please excuse the quality - it's a photo of a photo; our wedding photos weren't done with a digital came
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