5 Things I Love About ME!

5 Things I Love About ME!

Tuesday 15th March 2011

Hmmm - I have been sitting on this for a few days hoping that somehow miraculously I will come up with five things I like about me... it is harder than I realised though :-(.

Okay - first one is easy... but that is probably where it stops for me at the moment; hopefully by the end of the day I will be inspired enough to finish this blog!

1) My hands / nails and eyes...

Thought I would put the physical stuff altogether, otherwise it's like cheating! I could split them up; but that really wouldn't work with the challenge at all. These are probably the only things I like about the physical stuff... but it's a start! I have been blessed with long fingers and nicely shaped nails from my maternal Grandma; they get commented on a lot and I do try to look after them!

Please excuse the quality - it's a photo of a photo; our wedding photos weren't done with a digital camera!

Both my parents have blue eyes, so I also inherited these - some days they are bright, some days dark; but most days they look okay! Sometimes I think they are boring, but then I look at my daughters gorgeous blue eyes and think they're not boring - and that reminds me that I really should be more grateful of mine also :-)!

2) My writing ability

I love writing... it is like breathing to me, but sometimes I forget to do it. This blog is a good way of exercising this muscle again; and it has also opened my world up to so many more good writers and writing styles - loving it, being inspired by it and enjoying getting in 'deep and dirty' again! Mr. C always comments how different I am when I have had the chance to write... I am not the world's best writer; I may never get anything published - but what it does for me makes it worthwhile!

I want to share a poem here - but I am unsure which one to share... I was just looking through them, and they are all special to me in some way and choosing just one feels wrong. Of course the real reason is I am SCARED, they mean a lot to me - but will anyone else 'get them', understand their depth and where they have come from. Probably not and that's okay; what I am scared of is that they brush over them and don't TRY to understand them - my poetry is my beating heart, it is ME; it is personal and it is real.

But I WILL share one - it was written after the Mangatepopo Tragedy in 2008, as the teacher who was killed; Tony McClean, was a friend of ours. His Dad is our Pastor, and this tragedy deeply affected our church (not Elim), and loads of close friends of ours who knew Tony longer and better than us. I thought I would share this as NZ people will remember it, which might make it more understandable and real (those of you who don't, you can read about it Here and Here):

Farewell to a Friend

We came down to see you
But not as you were before
We needed to say goodbye
Had to see you've gone

But it was not as hard
Not so tough as expected
We could see the outward body
But not the spirit there-in

None of those big smiles
That split your face in half
Dull, instead of flashing eyes
The vibrant energy gone

That wax-like figurine
It's just not you at all
Neither spirit, nor soul was there
They've both gone on ahead

But we are left with the hole
A void that can't be filled
Pleased you're out of the pain
But now in pain ourselves

How do we say goodbye?
How can we let you go?
You're no longer here with us
No choice, we release you

So go with our blessings friend
And enjoy all you've gained
You'll be missed so much down here
With many a tear still shed

But we won't hold you back
We'll laugh and share the pain
You'll not be forgotten among us
Your life was not in vain.

In memory of Tony McClean,
Who left us too young.

Written by Elizabeth Collins,
© 21st April 2008.

The lighter stanzas are my most favourite... I have found looking back over my poems that generally there is a stanza or two, or even just a line or two that stand out the most - that I like the most.

I am warbling on and on now; I am stuck...

3) I am loyal

I know I am because I am still in close contact with MANY friends from yesteryear... most of them I still consider close friends. My best friend for example I have known since I was 5 - that is 30 years (*shudder*)!!!!!!

4) I am generous and welcoming

Although I think at times my husband exceeds me... I LOVE giving gifts, and if you turn up on my doorstep announced or unannounced - you will always be welcome! I may not be a good cook, but I will always manage to scrap up a meal or snack, and the spare bed is ALWAYS made up for people just like you! It has always been one of my trade-marks (for lack of a better word) even when flatting - friends are always welcome, and can stay as long as they need to. It was a non-negotiable if you lived with me (and of course, your friends were always just as welcome, I didn't discriminate)! I have never been taken advantage of that I am aware, but I know our spare bed has been appreciated by lost souls (or just visiting family/friends) on many occasions!

5) I always pay my bills on time

I may not be much of a saver, and I refuse to scrimp and scrap just to save $2... I don't like going without, and my mentality tends to be 'live for today'! But I am not frivolous with money, and my bills ALWAYS get paid on time and before any other spending; that includes tithe.  

There you have it - I managed it, and all before 3pm!!!!!!



Gail said…
Hey Lizzie,thanks so much for linking up! It really is a challenge writing about oneself like this, but so important!

I love the poem. I remember the impact the tradegy had on the church community.

And Yes, you do have fab eyes, hands and nails!
MaxineD said…
It's always a challenge to think of things you like about yourself - and to present them without feeling as though you are bragging! And yes, we always know you could budget well!! I agree with all your other comments too - but then I am a wee bit biased ;-)
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