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Monday 21 March 2011

The stupid internet is going slow at the moment, I'm not sure why - we have not used up all our broadband allowance or anything... driving me insane, as I can't look at photos on facebook, or download big e-mails or anything - it just times out :-(! So I am typing this up in Word, and hoping it allows me to copy and paste it onto Blogger at some stage.

There hasn't been much to write about lately, as we have had a couple of quiet weeks while the last of the tummy bug worked its way through the house - Button taking 10 days to come right, poor wee girl! But she seems to be over it now and is back to normal eating, although her sleeping is still not the best. Now she seems to be coming down with a cold - poor girl, it seems to be one thing after another at the moment for her.

We are hoping (and praying) that the cold doesn't stay around long, as my parents are visiting this weekend; and with Dad having had pneumonia recently, the last thing he needs is another cold... She is also not giving me very long day time sleeps, this does mean she goes down quickly, quietly and easily at night - but it makes for a LONG and often times grumpy afternoons first :-(. Oh well - guess we all survive these times!

I have been a bit lack lustre with my blogging lately - not sure if it's because we just haven't been out and about, so have had nothing to write about; or whether the earthquakes put pay to my inspiration  (everything seemed so insignificant after the Christchurch earthquake; and then Japan...). I also tend to struggle with rain / cold / winter; and I can feel that season starting again - last winter was horrific with a newborn and PND! I think I am going to have to bump myself out of these 'blahs' before they grab hold of me... anyone got any idea's of ways to bolster your mood? There is no real reason to be feeling like this; life is pretty good at the moment!

I think one of my goals this winter will be to learn a bit more about Blogger and stuff, and set up my blog a little more personally... I love the way some of the blogs I read have 'Tabs' at the top (for lack of a better word), and they share more about themselves etc, than their day-to-day entries do. I think I want to do this as well; I think... I think I also want to set up one more blog, quite possibly a private one; one where I can transfer all my poems over, so should anything happen to my laptop - they're not all lost forever. I think I have hard copies of most of them, but quite possibly not all of them; should check and then update my folder with hard copies as well.

We have (read 'me' really) gone a bit crazy lately, it's Button's first birthday in like 6 weeks... so I have used this as a good excuse to go out and buy lots of things; not good on the budget, but good for the baby:

Photo courtesy of Trade-Me.

So this is her official birthday present from us, but silly me never bothered to check the dimensions, and when Mr. C got it home over the weekend we both were in shock *grin*! Anyway, hubby is Mr. DIY himself, and we worked out where he can chop the legs off to make it accessible for her, and he said he can glue / screw them back on when  she gets older! So now we just have to buy the extra's to make it work - chalk (whiteboard one side, chalkboard the other), and apparently you can get whiteboard crayons which are far superior to the markers for her age my neighbour said - so we'll be looking out for those as well. Hubby is also going to screw on a butterfly clip so we can hang paper up for her to paint as well... I was thinking ahead to winter with a Toddler  in case you can't tell *grin*! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?!

Then I found these, and as they have been on my wish list for her since Christmas, I just 'had to have them'... totally fell in love with them (they should be arriving this week, can you hear me drooling in anticipation *grin*):

Another photo courtesy of Trade-Me

I'm not sure what it is about wooden blocks, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! These look in amazing condition, the colours look fantastic and I am loving the shapes also!

THEN - just to make her birthday even more exciting, I managed to get one of her Aunts to buy her this as well:

Yet another photo courtesy of Trade-Me

Apparently there are 108 blocks in this here package, and after trawling through Trade-Me for about 2 hours, I KNOW this is the ultimate best deal in terms of price and amount of blocks, and they are brand new :-)! I think I am more excited for her birthday than I have been for my own birthday's for years (and that's saying something, as I LOVE birthdays *grin*)!!!!

Now I have to find a place to put everything... so on Sunday I once again rearranged her play area, check it out:

I am SO loving the new look, and Button seems to approve also... originally she would just get a toy or two out of one of the baskets, but I noticed this afternoon she was pulling the whole basket out; which is the idea. I got sick of setting everything up for her each day, and realised not only was she getting bored, but she is now old enough to chose for herself what to play with - and what a difference a little change around does. I bought 12 baskets, so there are four left to take all the birthday surplus, and allow for rotation. Currently almost every single toy she owns is out on display for her to play with, which is great for now - but the novelty will where off soon I am sure!

Anyway, so much for nothing to say... 



MaxineD said…
You can certainly say a lot for nothing to say!! :-)
Try making sure you put some lively praise music on when you have a blah day - it works!!
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