Happy Belated Birthday Dad...

Friday 25th March 2011

Dear Dad,

I have been thinking about this for a few days, but haven't had the time to sit down and actually type it up for you. So I hope, that even though it is 3 days late - you will forgive me, and manage to appreciate the sentiment :-)!

I was just thinking back 12 months and how much things have changed... 12 months ago we were celebrating your 70th, and had some family photos taken:

We had managed to sneak our big brother over from Australia as a surprise for you, even though you thought you knew - you didn't really, and the look on your face said it all as he walked in that afternoon with Mr. C and I:

I only wish we'd been able to capture your face as Brendon walked in...!

You had a VERY pregnant daughter and also daughter-in-law:

And while we knew that Button was on her way, the others had chosen not to find out - so we were still in suspense :-)! 

Little did we know how much these gorgeous babies would change our lives though... it's just something you never 'get' until it happens to you.

I am so glad that you are my Dad, you are Button's Poppa and you have been here to share these first special year with us:

I saw your look of helplessness as I went into labour, I know the sleepless night you had as you waited alone for the news she had arrived, and I saw the tears you shed when you caught that first glimpse of our little girl.

And just think - 12 months on and you're now 71, and our wee babes are almost a year old...

We love you Dad - happy belated birthday!

Elizabeth xx

PS - Here's to another 12 months of amazing family memories, and many moments to treasure together!


MaxineD said…
Hi Elizabeth
Thanks for those sentiments very touching.
Love Dad.xxx
MaxineD said…
Nice one!!
Linda said…
It's was good to hear from you. I enjoyed seeing photos of your family and your little one. Linda
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