We have had a lovely weekend, despite the rain...I am not a big rain fan at all (well, not in the middle of winter when it hasn't stopped for 6 weeks, and there is at least another 6 weeks to go anyway *grin*)! I don't mind the odd day or two of rain in the middle of beautiful fine weather, but I have to admit to being over it by Sunday ;-)!

We had my parents up for the weekend - both sets of parents live in a small town 'down south' (they attend the same church, and knew each other before Mr. C and I had ever met... we attended a different church - anyway, that's another story for another time *grin*)! It was Mr. C's niece's 2nd birthday this past week, so his parents were coming up for that and offered to bring my parents up also; NICE!

Button LOVED having them here, she is finally at the age where she is starting to recognise familiar people in her life, and Gran is one of them... I think she also is linking Pop to her as well, but Gran has come up a few times on her own in the past 12 months. They didn't arrive until well after she was in bed on Friday night, so after she got over the shock of 'discovering' them in her house the next morning - there were big grins and happy wriggles...

However, it wasn't all about Button - this is what the Grandparents get up to when they come visit:

Having a Poppa Nap

Having a good read...

Admittedly Button was asleep at the time these photos were taken, the majority of the time this is what was happening:

Besotted Grandparents who came to visit Button (not us *grin*)!!!!

But I have to say I was ever so grateful for their company, they kept Button well entertained and busy which meant we hardly noticed the wet weekend :-)!

Saturday afternoon Button had her first outing to McDonalds to help celebrate her cousins 2nd birthday... She was not a happy chappy to begin with, had only just woken up from a short and VERY late morning sleep, was hungry and did not appreciate the noise... but once we got some food into her and she woke up a bit more, she relaxed and started to cope with the surroundings, even giving Nana a cuddle! Her cousin Sienna, thinks she is wonderful and popped over to see us and 'Bubba' when we arrived - they're just SO cute!

L to R: Great Nana June, Nana, Sienna, Me and Button

Cuddles for Nana

Slowly warming up to her surroundings!

Then that evening I got a text from a close friend asking if she could crash the night - she'd been away for the weekend on business and was just to tired to drive home to Hamilton... to which of course we said 'YES, come on over'! We had a lovely catch up that evening after she'd crashed and slept for two hours - poor honey was SO tired! Then had a slow start to the morning, with a sleep-in till 7:30am (well, that's what we call a sleep-in these days *grin*) and then breakfast and lots of chatting. Sarah grew up with me so knows my Mum and Dad well also, so they enjoyed catching up with her and finding out how the family all are. She left us late morning...

Late that afternoon we popped down to Botany just to stretch our legs, and then the rain seemed to stop - and you could tell, this is what our backyard looked like:

It had been a long wet weekend - so once the rain stopped, we all raced outside with the kids and made the most of it!!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend as well... mine continued through until today, as my parents stayed until 4:30pm! NICE!



MaxineD said…
Just as well we are your parents and love you all - otherwise we may not forgive those photos!! :-)
It was a lovely weekend, thanks, and a good chance to wind down a bit, for me.
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