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Things I'm Loving - again!

Friday 29th April 2011 I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  Linking up with:  PaisleyJade 1) One wee girl who will turn the big ONE on Sunday... a dedication at church in the morning, followed by a BIG party (ahhhh - the stress) on Sunday afternoon. Look out for photos and stories to come - and boy will there be stories (I seriously only counted up the RSVP's yesterday *swollow*, there are a lot of people coming - what was I thinking????????)!!!!!!! 2) The division of gender ;-)! Dad and husband upstairs watching the rugby on the laptop. Mum and daughter (that's ME) watching the wedding downstairs on the big TV!!!!! 3) This beautiful outfit: A gorgeous dedication outfit bought for my daughter by amazing friends... so spoilt, so honoured (they have spent SO much money on her for her birthday, including her cake - one day she'll appreciat

Easter Traditions Anyone?

So - tell me what your Easter traditions are? Our daughter is 1, and at this stage she is still too young to really understand Easter or traditions, or anything else revolving around these kinds of things... but we want to start instilling some traditions, or at least making decisions about what we're going to do in the future. Up until last year we have often gone away; my in-laws have a house in Tauranga, and we have used that and encouraged family to visit us. Both sets of parents live less than an hour from Tauranga, so generally we have caught up with at least one set of them (generally my parents) during some or all of the holiday. Mr. C has found this year quite strange (but relaxing) as we have chosen to have a quiet weekend at home before the big party next week. Last year we had just moved house literally, and I was only a week or so off having Button - so again we chose to stay home, but originally had booked the Tauranga house in hopes we could manage it all! I'm

A Walk to Remember...

Saturday 23rd April 2011 Yesterday morning Mr. C decided that we should get out and go for a walk; he has a tendency to throw these things at me last minute - it was so early Button hadn't even gone down for her first sleep, and I hadn't had a shower... So I rushed upstairs to have a quick shower and told him to feed Button breakfast, and then we could go! I thought he was thinking the Botanical Gardens, as that is a favourite of his - but he took off in the opposite direction, and it turned out he wanted to go to the Barry Curtis Memorial Park that we often pass by, but have never stopped at... we often say we're going to stop there one day, and now we have. What a little oasis it is in the middle of a busy city - just gorgeous!  Here are some photos - enjoy them, as you stroll with me back through the Barry Curtis Memorial Park once more (I think we'll be heading there a lot more often having seen now just how lovely it is; might even become more regular than the

In Response to Easter

Saturday 23rd April 2011 I am trying to think of something to write in response to Easter that hasn't already been said... but I think it's pretty much been covered. Dear Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth... Creator of life; of me, of my family... Thank You. Thank You for Your sacrifice that gives us life and hope, thank You for Your Son who redeems our souls, thank You for Your pain that takes our sins away. Image found  here I couldn't have done it... I couldn't sacrifice my daughter for the greater good of all mankind. Thank You for not asking this of us, for taking it on Yourself. I am Your eternally grateful daughter, Elizabeth

Winter's A-Comin'

Saturday 23rd April 2011 We went for a family walk yesterday, and I can no longer deny the fact that winter is on it's way! Love the colours, hate the temperatures! Elizabeth
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