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Tuesday 5th April 2011

I have gone through my photos and have tried to find some photos that will show you our amazing driveway; I have also gone out this afternoon (in the rain and cold, no less) to attempt to take some more from a different angle...

So here goes, all these photos have been taken at different times through-out the past year, and often times by different people as well. I am not only showing you the drive way - but some of the friendly wildlife we met along the way (and I don't mean our neighbours, hehehe)! We share the driveway with six other families / couples, and most of the wildlife doesn't belong to our place!

So - enjoy a walk down our driveway:

So the first four images are looking from the house towards the road (which you won't see as it's nearly 1km away):

The next five have been taken from the road looking back towards the house, and showing off the amazing views we have, including those of Auckland city WAY in the distance:

 This next one is a view of our place from part way down the drive and on FULL close-up range on my camera:

The next few are the wildlife you can see as you make your way up or down our drive:

As you can see, there are pigs, sheep, cattle, roosters (and chickens, but I haven't managed to capture them on lense yet) as well as loads of amazing birds... we are SO very blessed.

Hope you enjoyed your trip down our drive!



MaxineD said…
You didn 't actually show the gully bit - just the start and the finish :-) It's a good walk, isn't it!!
Amy said…
It looks amazing! What a beautiful place to live...I am so looking forward to finally getting to see it soon. And so nice for Lydia to grow up surrounded by so many animals.
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