Easter Traditions Anyone?

So - tell me what your Easter traditions are?

Our daughter is 1, and at this stage she is still too young to really understand Easter or traditions, or anything else revolving around these kinds of things... but we want to start instilling some traditions, or at least making decisions about what we're going to do in the future.

Up until last year we have often gone away; my in-laws have a house in Tauranga, and we have used that and encouraged family to visit us. Both sets of parents live less than an hour from Tauranga, so generally we have caught up with at least one set of them (generally my parents) during some or all of the holiday. Mr. C has found this year quite strange (but relaxing) as we have chosen to have a quiet weekend at home before the big party next week. Last year we had just moved house literally, and I was only a week or so off having Button - so again we chose to stay home, but originally had booked the Tauranga house in hopes we could manage it all!

I'm not sure about continuing with this tradition in the future - maybe we will, as it does mean we have the chance of seeing family... but either way, I want to start some immediate family traditions. Growing up we didn't really do anything special, although we did observe Easter - always went to church, and Mum and Dad always gave us a big chocolate egg on the Sunday; but that is all I remember. Mum, you may have different memories, and if so - please feel free to correct me!

Of course we will include those particular things as well - church, in memory of what Easter is really about... to thank God for what He did for us; is of utmost importance. We will also make sure the children get their fair share of chocolate and sugar - yeah!

But what else do you do as a family? I want Easter to have a little more significance than this, to not just 'be another holiday' off school. I want the kids to look forward in anticipation, but also be able to look back when they are older and  not only understand the spiritual significance - but appreciate the fact that we made it something a little more special for them. Or am I being to idealistic here?

Mr. C has no expectations, he has basically left this to me... of course, when I come to him with a list of idea's, he will suddenly have very strong opinions on everything and will veto any idea he doesn't actually like *grin*!

So - I am picking your brains... what do YOU do as a family to celebrate Easter? I am going to have to have a few idea's in my arsenal; as the chances are Mr. C will rediscover an interest in this subject when I approach him about it again :-)!!!!!

Thanks in advance,

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