Health Hazard 1

Tuesday 5th April 2011

I had been feeling rather dry lately - but all of a sudden I have all these posts thrusting themselves at me, juggling for prominent position... I currently have two on the go, just posted three earlier this morning; after having posted three yesterday as well! Holy Moly!


We had a wonderful day yesterday, as you would have read about in my weekend  post - showing photos of Button and 'Aunty' Stephanie playing some fun games together.

Then last night hit us...

Button choked on some broccoli during her dinner, she seemed to have it sorted so I took her out of the highchair; only to have her vomit on me. Not a major, it has happened before - my daughter seems to be in a hurry to eat, so often tries swallowing before the food has been properly chewed; I feel like I am forever reminding her to chew her food thoroughly!

Cleaned her up and sorted things out, then popped her down on the floor for a play while I prepared the bath for her... noticed her gag a couple of times there also, and found some more broccoli in her mouth!?! Seriously, what is up with that? Anyway, I got rid of that and thought that was the end of it... and we got her through her bath as per normal.

Took her upstairs for her final feed before dinner, picked her up afterwards to start the 'going to sleep' routine and she vomits all over me again! She is not 'sick' as such, the only thing we could conclude is that she hadn't swallowed some broccoli properly and the milk had dislodged it, and the only way of dealing with it was to bring her entire dinner up over Mummy for a second time (why I ask - is it always all over me?)!

Ok - so that is a hazard, but it is a fairy 'normal' one for those of us with young kids right?!? Yep... but in our house you have to factor into the record that I have a 'thing' about throats; which means I really fear choking / drowning / strangling - basically anything that could involve necks/throats (just typing this leaves me struggling to breath).

AND - you also need to factor in that we had a family tummy bug go round just 3-4 weeks ago that landed my husband in hospital as he was so seriously ill from it... we can look back now and see what probably caused the vomiting episodes last night, but we didn't know at the time what we were dealing with; so images of ambulances in the middle of the night came floating back.

So - the health hazard in all this? LACK OF SLEEP for Mummy due to worrying - constant worrying, awake all night worrying... silly worrying really, worrying for no reason worrying, worrying despite having prayed about it worrying. One day I'll learn to let things go... maybe!

And the moral of the story is - don't feed your daughter broccoli unless it is almost mushy due to being over-cooked; no matter how much she loves it!


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