She's Growing Up All Right!

Tuesday 5th April 2011

Our little girl is growing up... it's a good thing, but it also means we need to start saying goodbye to our baby; and thinking about the fact we're going to have a toddler in the house very soon!

She turned 11 months on Friday, and it's like she suddenly knew that this was a turning point - weird, but seriously, a lot of things seemed to change over the weekend. Doesn't mean they will be like this every single time; but it does mean she is starting to grow up! We both noticed it also; not just me going crazy in my old age!

Of course there are all the normal physical developments she is going through - crawling, to standing, to creeping along the furniture... she has let go a few times recently as well, so the next stage is in the process!

But that wasn't what I was talking about...

 - All of a sudden she is letting us wipe her hands and face after a meal without as much of a fuss as before; still some fuss (don't get me wrong), but nothing like it was! Yay!

- On Saturday we popped out for a few hours to do some errands, this meant a whole lot of time in the car and on the way home we stopped twice... now bear in mind (have I used the right spelling of bear here - it doesn't look right, but neither does bare... hmmmm) that she is NOT a car-kid and has never enjoyed spending time in it. Not only did she cope on the way (40 minute drive which turned into slightly more as we took a wrong turn and ended up stuck in traffic and dealing with lights - aaahhhh), but she didn't mind stopping and getting out twice on the way home! I was in awe by the time we got home, as it was past her bed time and she was tired but STILL happy! Go Button...

- On Sunday she woke up to 'Aunty Stephanie' in her house, my friend had arrived after she'd gone to bed... didn't even blink an eye, just carried on playing; and started including 'Aunty' in her games!

- That afternoon Mr. C had pre-arranged for us to drop in on some friends of his as well... so after Button's morning sleep, we packed up some lunch for her and off we went. She has only been to their house once last year, and only seen this family a few times; and now that she is moving I was a little bit weary of how the time would go. She exceeded herself once more and spent the entire time playing with their new kitten, their 9 year old daughter (who has not really been interested in her before as she was so little) and charmed all the adults in attendance - pretty much giving everyone cuddles I think!

I had a few other examples as well, but can't remember what they are right now; so might just put this post on hold and hope I remember soon!

Oh, oh - I remember now!

- Button has never been overly keen on the stroller either, rather just tolerated it in reasonably small doses... I have been getting out for walks recently, now the mornings a little cooler and the sun a little less dangerous! Last week we managed to get out four times - we just walk the driveway, but it is (please note) nearly 1 km long and STEEP; one day I'll take a photo and share a story so you GET just how steep parts of it are :-)!

Anyway; I realised I'd left Button's hat inside, and as I hadn't buckled her in - I took her out so we could head back down the hall and grab her hat - NOT impressed! Normally she grizzles when I put her in the stroller, this time she was grizzling for being taken out of the stroller before we'd even left... yay, little break-throughs!

- Then, just to reinforce the whole 'I am starting to like my stroller' attitude showing up... on Sunday morning Mr. C and I took her out for a walk and got chatting to some neighbours up the drive - we must have talked for 20 minutes, and Button just sat there watching them and watching the pigs! She hates it when the stroller stops and generally grizzles until I start moving again... this time not a grizzle out of her! SO impressed! The neighbour we were chatting to hardly ever says hello to us, let alone stops and talks - so it was quite a break-through for us to spend that much time with her, so for Button to be the perfect child at that exact moment was just divine!

SO good to see so many things changing in such cool ways... have I mentioned that I am loving this age? Have I mentioned how much I adore my daughter!?!

This post is really just for me - it is to remind me of how far we have come; to remind me that little things are changing all the time and whatever is going on right now 'This too shall pass...'!!!!!

They are all only little things - BUT they all make a difference, and just make life that little bit easier...



MaxineD said…
Oh dear - your baby really is "growing up" now... it is good to be reminded of the progress at times.
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