Some things will never be the same...

Monday 4th April 2011

My daughter has been teething lately... I didn't even realise, because other than the short day time sleeps she gave us no other reason to think this; or so I thought:

Our coffee table will never be the same...

And then there was her cot:

You'd have thought that I would have guessed huh!?!

Yep, sometimes it takes this Mum a little bit of time to work out just what is going on... 

Anywho, there are 8 teeth now, and she seems to have finally settled down; even giving me a 12 hour night on Saturday (the end of daylight savings no less)! Yay... hopefully regular 12 hour nights aren't to far away again (this morning she woke at 5am *sigh*, never mind)!

But while I am on the subject - I just want to have a little gloat... You'd have thought the end of Daylight Savings is no big deal to my little rascal - seriously, has made no disruptions to her at all! Yesterday she woke at 6am (7am by her little body, which is/was normal), and we managed to hold her out until 9:30am for her first sleep - which is her normal going down time, and the rest of the day went as smoothly... and today the same, woke at 5am admittedly (which has nothing to do with the end of Daylight Savings I might add); but the rest of the day has been smooth and she is eating and sleeping her 'normal' times! Praise God - I was told to expect it to take a week for her to adjust... What a CHAMP!

AKA Proud (albeit a rather slow) Mama!


MaxineD said…
Thanks for the smile - your furniture is gradually looking as though you have a baby in the house :-)

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