Sweet, Sweet Words... TABS, and cuteness personified!

Wednesday 20th April 2011

I received one of the best ever compliments today... this e-mail came in from my sister-in-law, the one who inspired me to restart blogging after reading her blog. I am going to re-read this e-mail over and over again - it will last me for a while:

Hey Elizabeth,

I was just checking your blog in case you'd written anything more, and felt disappointed you hadn't (it's shocking - I want you to write every day - probably twice a day, grin!)...then I saw the tab "about me and mine" which I guess you've just set up recently - YAY!  Love the snapshot about you - it will be really good for when new people come and check out your blog, but I found it an interesting/entertaining read too as someone who already knows you.  Just thought you might like to feel encouraged that I really enjoyed reading it. :o)
Love Amy

Ahhh - she did my heart good... thank you Amy, you have no idea what this means to me!

And on that note - did you notice the new TAB on my homepage (About Me and Mine)? I have been meaning to learn how to do tabs for a while; then last night I was just looking through some of the settings and discovered the tutorial for tabs and was hooked - out went my planned blog post, and up went my first tab! Be on the look-out for more to come... I am going to have to go through some of the other blogs I follow, and see what other people include before adding anymore. 

I have got a few more posts planned - I want to share 'my story', and I want to share how Mr. C and I got together (it is a story I am often asked to repeat, as it is quite untraditional and gets some interesting reactions - hehehe, hope that intrigues you)! It will be a while though, as I tend to ramble; and don't want to write such LONG stories that it even bores me! So will probably write it up, and then get my Mum and quite possibly a friend or two go through and check it for me... (at least I know my weaknesses *grin*)!!!!! 

Anyway - keep checking in, you never know when they may appear!

Now - onto that cuteness... who could resist this little face:

Poor little chicken seems to have come down with a cold today though... hopefully it clears quickly (hoping she sleeps through tonight also *yawn*).



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