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Friday 29th April 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) One wee girl who will turn the big ONE on Sunday... a dedication at church in the morning, followed by a BIG party (ahhhh - the stress) on Sunday afternoon. Look out for photos and stories to come - and boy will there be stories (I seriously only counted up the RSVP's yesterday *swollow*, there are a lot of people coming - what was I thinking????????)!!!!!!!

2) The division of gender ;-)!
Dad and husband upstairs watching the rugby on the laptop.
Mum and daughter (that's ME) watching the wedding downstairs on the big TV!!!!!

3) This beautiful outfit:

A gorgeous dedication outfit bought for my daughter by amazing friends... so spoilt, so honoured (they have spent SO much money on her for her birthday, including her cake - one day she'll appreciate it)!

4) Visiting family - who can't make it for the birthday party, but as Jackie was up over Easter she dropped into see us and pass on early birthday presents anyway:

Thanks Jackie, she LOVES that phone and books are always a favourite!

5) Early birthday presents arriving by post, and being dropped off in person by folk who can't make her party... one spoilt little girl!

6) Grandparents who raced up earlier than planned yesterday so they could come to the Doctor with me and entertain the baby... yes, I have another breast infection - seriously, what is up with that!!!!!!

7) A little girl who ADORES her Grandparents - big grins and cuddles as soon as she see's them... Gran has to take her upstairs to bed each time she goes for a sleep (not even Daddy is allowed to do that *grin*), and who obliges with a kiss every time she is asked for one!

8) Nice photos of Mummy (although not such a good one of Button *grin*, never mind):

9) Brother, sis-in-law and nephew arriving tomorrow for the big day - so excited to have them here, and for the cousins to spend some time together:

10) And so many more things to be thankful for... these are just a few things off the top of my head :-)!

Laptop battery running out and the wedding starting to get a little more interesting - so got to go and watch this amazing event!



MaxineD said…
Glad to be such a loved Gran :-)
PaisleyJade said…
Love the division of genders - haha! Wasn't it great. Have a wonderful birthday and dedication.
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