A Walk to Remember...

Saturday 23rd April 2011

Yesterday morning Mr. C decided that we should get out and go for a walk; he has a tendency to throw these things at me last minute - it was so early Button hadn't even gone down for her first sleep, and I hadn't had a shower... So I rushed upstairs to have a quick shower and told him to feed Button breakfast, and then we could go!

I thought he was thinking the Botanical Gardens, as that is a favourite of his - but he took off in the opposite direction, and it turned out he wanted to go to the Barry Curtis Memorial Park that we often pass by, but have never stopped at... we often say we're going to stop there one day, and now we have. What a little oasis it is in the middle of a busy city - just gorgeous! 

Here are some photos - enjoy them, as you stroll with me back through the Barry Curtis Memorial Park once more (I think we'll be heading there a lot more often having seen now just how lovely it is; might even become more regular than the walks in 'The Gardens'):

Mr. C then decided we'd do a little cross-country walking, as there were some ducks in a little pond, and he was convinced we could walk across the pond on some concrete blocks (Button loves ducks)... however, as these next photos show, I don't think it was meant for that:

It was very pretty though, as you can see... and Button was mesmerised, she basically didn't make a noise throughout the entire walk - just took it all in, wide-eyed! Getting out of this bit though, was a little harder - and Mr. C had to pull Button up backwards in the stroller:

I don't think she was very impressed at that point ;-)!

Here are a few more pictures - of course the dark thunder clouds do make everything look that much more picturesque!

At the end of the walk there was a Playground, so we thought we'd give Button a quick swing before heading home - we were then to discover why she was so quiet all the way around:

She was almost asleep - poor baby :-)!

So we left very quickly, got her in the car and took her home... thinking, that with all the fresh air and fun she'd sleep like a log; hahaha! Forty five minutes later she was up - bright eyed and busy tailed - NOT impressed *grin*!!!!!

Then today we popped down to the 'Ole Faithful (Botanical Gardens) after Button woke up from her VERY late morning sleep...

Hope you enjoyed the strolls with us :-)!



MaxineD said…
Great photos - and good to see what is available at Barry Curtis!! Love the snap of the monarch Butterfly.
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