Brief Weekend Update...

I now have a 1 year old... seems a little surreal really.

1st May 2010:

1st May 2011:

I still can't comprehend it :-)!

How can it be a whole year already? How can it be only a year? I can't remember what life was like without her now... doesn't time do strange things to us!

The weekend was busy - I don't have the time to decipher it here yet, or really give it the credit due... in some ways it went better than anticipated, in others it was a complete failure! But over-all, Button coped remarkably well and was spoilt rotten; and we still have birthday presents arriving in the mail for her!

Here are a few photos for now:

Opening her first presents for the day (still in her pajamas)

Pre-dedication photos (looking cute as a button):

At the Dedication - the whole family up front:

Post Dedication:

With Aunty Rowie

With Gran and Mummy

Here are a few birthday party photos:

My sister-in-law has just written a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Button on her blog, you can read it HEREmade me cry... still makes me cry!

I was asked to write something for Button to read out at the dedication, my Pastor has read a lot of my poetry and asked me a week before to prepare something, (a WEEK - no pressure of course), if I felt comfortable (seriously, how would it look if I said no to writing up something for my own daughter)! Thankfully I managed to find some divine inspiration and came up with this:

L**** - on this, the day of your dedication and 1st birthday.

We want to say just how proud we are to be your parents - we are completely in-love with you and are thrilled to have you in our lives. You make everything seem more worthwhile; from getting up each morning, to planning our future.

We see big things ahead for you precious girl; you have an incredible focus and concentration - you keep persisting until you 'get it', you can entertain yourself for ages, and know exactly what you want. You have a strength about you that shows through already, we can see that you are not going to be a push-over!

Our prayer is that you inherit the attributes that L***** showed in the bible - her strength of character, her courage, her leadership skills and her soft heart towards God. We want more than the mundane for you - we want you to experience God in a very real way, and we want you to push boundaries, question everything and dig deep until you find the answers.

But most of all, we want to see you flourish and grow into the woman God wants you to be. We want to see you reach your potential, and excel in the areas of strength that He has placed within you. And as your parents, we promise with God's help to encourage, guide and protect you to the very best of our ability.

May you always love God deeply and live your life to the fullest.

With much love & prayers,
Daddy & Mummy

Well - hopefully that will keep you all interested for now! There will be more to come... more details, more depth and more analysis! But that will have to wait until I have more time (and more sleep also *grin*)!



MaxineD said…
Who says you have to analyse it???
Just enjoy the memories, even the crisis - you will be able to laugh over it in the years to come.
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