Busy - but loving the weekend...

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) Precious Daddy/Daughter times after work - always big smiles and cuddles and happy clapping when Daddy gets home... so lovely to see:

2) Our ALMOST-toddler:

3) New shoes (and bed hair - hehehe) that have been tried, tested and approved! These days they get handed to me if I am not quick enough putting them on:

4) Loving Aunty's:

5) Road trips with Sleeping Angels (she only slept 35 minutes of the 3 hour trip, but she was happy the rest of the way - a mighty miracle, as she has not been a good traveller previously):

6) A birthday boy who turned 1 three weeks after his cousin did:

6) Family who gathered to celebrate Munchkin's 1st birthday:

7) Fathers and children - both of whom are wearing the overalls that Gran made them (children that is):

8) A messy house - means a happy baby. Can you see her in this photo? I promise you she is there:

9) A house always available for us to use in Tauranga thanks to my wonderful in-laws!

10) Safe journey to Tauranga and back, and a baby who travelled well - so SO grateful for that... you have no idea! The previous trips always seen me in the back trying to pacify a screaming child for at least half the trip - this weekend was almost perfection, a few grizzles but NO screaming whatsoever!

So much more to be grateful for - but running out of oooomph... currently my bed is top of my list, and I seriously need some sleep!

So - goodnight one and all,


PaisleyJade said…
So sweet! Daddy's are super special.
MaxineD said…
Great to see you visited again yesterday - awesome weekend and great to be part of it.
Amy said…
It was lovely having you come!
And I love the grey cardigan - is that a Nanna special (looks similar to the pink and blue ones last year)?
Sammy said…
I saw her- under the book! So cute xx
And loving the bed head- looks adorable (on people under 5 years old that is!)
mtendere said…
Great photos!
Helen said…
Haha! LOVE the photo of your little one hiding in the messy room! I had to really look for her! She is just gorgeous!
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