Skull & Crossbones...

Yep - and there they were... this morning, leering back at me from on a new pair of navy slippers we bought for Button last night.

I swear it wasn't there last night - sure there was a white motif on the slippers, but navy is a neutral colour, especially for slippers, isn't it? I guess not! 

I don't understand why baby slippers would have a skull and crossbones on them though? I might not like them, but I 'get' the design on older kids clothing - older kids who have minds of their own, and want things a certain way / a certain look, older kids who understand these things.

But babies - REALLY?!?

So what does one do when they 'discover' this innocent mistake? We do this, of course...

Now you see them... now you almost don't!

Praise the Lord for black pens made to 'mark' clothing, this - theoretically, should mean the pen won't come off... guess we'll wait and see!


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