Things I'm Loving... Brave!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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Just a quick post while the daughter is supposed to be going to sleep, and Mr. C is getting his hair cut! Might be the only time this weekend that I get a chance...

1) Brave girls who need to have 'Prick Tests' for allergies:

She was SO good... really didn't like it, and got quite upset but settled quickly with a cuddle from Mum and a walk outside! 

Apparently she is allergic to dairy, egg whites and peanuts... but none are severe, so hopefully she'll out-grow them all fairly quickly!

2) Friends who come and support Mum while the daughter  has said 'Prick test' above... think I needed it more than she did ;-)!

3) New modes discovered on my camera - look out for loads more black and white photos now... so cool:

4) Rainbows 

5) The latest 'Little Treasures' Magazine that arrived yesterday... hmmmm, had a lovely hour this morning reading it in the sun while Button slept!

6) The cup of tea that Mr. C is making for us right now, so we can sit down and relax watching 'The Mentalist' while bubs goes to sleep (oh yeah - he's home now, but she is still awake... *sigh*, hopefully she'll crash soon also)!



PaisleyJade said…
Eeeek - have never liked those prick test, especially for little ones. Sounds super brave indeed! Loving cups of tea and The Mentalist!
MaxineD said…
Great thoughts - did Madam eventually sleep? ;-)
Amy said…
So glad you've been able to get the allergies checked and they are not too major. Poor baby (and Mummy!) on having to have the pricks though.
You should totally check out Photoscape when you get the chance - Munchkin did have a long sleep today so I got 2hrs to potter around, but I found to download it and do just a basic collage without borders was really quick...then of course there's all the other things you can do! Grin. Amy
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