Things I'm Loving - this week!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) Beautiful Sunsets... more gorgeous photos when you check out the link!

2) The chance to rearrange my lounge (and a very patient husband who doesn't mind!)!

The child-friendly versus the adult-friendly versions!!!!!

3) A chance to get out on Mothers Day all by ourselves... Button was baby-sat for the first time! She was an angel, and we are so doing it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

4) A very messy play area, 'cause that means the baby has been busy and having loads of fun:

5) Warm cardigans knitted especially for my daughter by her Nana - means we know she'll be plenty warm enough this winter:

6) A Grandma who also blogs, and also loves making clothes for my daughter, check out the link to see the overalls and jersey she has made for Button!

7) A baby that escapes at nappy-change time:

You'll just have to trust me that there is no nappy on her, and she has the cutest little butt - 'cause while I have proof of this, I am not putting those photos up on my blog *grin*!!!!!

8) Gluten-Free Pizza bases 'discovered' at our local New World today, and a hubby who makes the BESTEST pizza's ever! Yummy lunch... YUMMY dinner coming up! He made two, so we really get to savour those pizza's! And now we know we can buy them, I think they're going to be more regular - and next time I'll take a photo so you can all drool over it!!!!!! On top of that; I have been having a bit of tomato sauce lately, and Button hasn't been reacting at all (has reacted badly in the past due to reflux), which means those pizza's were even better...

9) Whittakers Dark Ghana Peppermint Chocolate...

10) A brave little girl who had her first ever blood test yesterday and coped like a pro!!!!

11) Time-out to spend writing up this post - Mr. C is downstairs with the baby as I type... I can hear them playing together, so cute! She is becoming a bit of a 'Daddy's Girl' lately (although no one replaces Mum when she is tired or sick), and it's so nice to see, as she has been a bit clingy these past few months.

12) Bloggy changes in the future - more information coming soon!



MaxineD said…
What a lot to be thankful for :-)
PaisleyJade said…
Oooo - what a list! Loving the grandma who blogs... and the dark ghana peppermint choc!! Lucky you having your babysitter too!
Amy said…
Go the gluten free pizzas! We love homemade pizzas here but don't make them nearly often enough!
And now I'm curious, curious, curious (about point 12)...
Grin. Amy
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