Look what we found tonight... it is the second one in just over the week; I don't like thinking about what this could mean :-(.

For someone who doesn't like spiders, this is nightmare material... apparently its a Huntsman.

If you hear screaming in the middle of the night - it's probably just me having nightmares.



MaxineD said…
Oh dear - maybe there are advantages in living in a cooler town, as these come from Aus and must like a warmer clime!!
Amy said…
Ohhh, Boyo would be SO happy to have been at your place! He says, "What a gorgeous little spider! (just came and had a look)!" Glad to see this one survived (I know, I know, they are scary, but they do a good job on keeping fly populations down after all!). We seem to get Whitetails here - but at certain times of year they seem to go on the prowl - we find several in a few days or weeks, then none for months afterwards. Which is a good thing as while I can handle spiders at a safe distance, I am somewhat gittery around Whitetails! Big and hairy definitely belong in a jar like you've got - I'm guessing Luke was the ah, 'handler?' Amy
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