Why Gold... seriously?!?

The other day we went for a walk - Button and I, and we discovered this little gem:

A gold gatepost... yep, you are seeing correctly - it really is a gold gatepost!

Why, I ask you?

There is only one - here is what the whole entrance looks like:

It is quite a lovely entrance - the stone fence leading down to a wrought iron gate, with poplar trees (currently small) lining the driveway... so much effort and thought put into it originally, so much potential once those trees are fully grown. 

But now a gold gatepost.

I ask again - WHY?

*Sigh*, sometimes I can only shake my head in disbelief...

I have a good friend who would approve - she has painted her bathroom with gold highlights... but, hmmmm!

Anyway - food for thought!


PS - One thing that works for me; at least it's not white!


MaxineD said…
And why not? Makes it easier to find.....
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