Almost there...

Just popping in to let you all know that the new blog is almost ready for inspection... got two new TABS completed, and got two more to do; one which won't take long, and one which could take a bit of editing! But it's closer than it was before, I have been working hard on it this week :-)!

And while we're talking about changes - I have now finally made the call to move my computer... my sis-in-law wrote up a very challenging post today; you can read it here, talking about how much time we spend on the computer and who we're 'cheating' of this time! I had been thinking I needed to make changes anyway - every time I go near my computer Button grizzles so guessed this meant she was aware of it (but not good that she has already worked this out at 13 months, yikes). I have tried cutting it down previously, but with the computer set up right in the middle of the living area - it was very easy to settle back into old habits.

So my computer is now upstairs in our bedroom - this means I can only check in when she is asleep! So the plan is that during her day-sleeps I will check in on all of you, facebook and e-mails; then the evenings will be spent blogging and any other projects I have on the go... of course I won't be on the computer her entire sleep times (never was anyway, hahaha)! I know people say computers and TV's should not be in bedrooms - but reality is for us that Mr. C is already set up here so he can study without to much disturbance from a small child; we don't have the luxury of a seperate 'study' (yet!)... so this means I can spend my evenings with him again!

So here's a glimpse of the new look, plus a peek at Mr. C's corner (excuse the unmade bed though):

Got a couple of posts to do in the next few days - a "Things I'm Loving..." and my birthday. Other than those, hopefully I'll have time to continue working hard on my new blog ready for the unveiling soon; but I won't be putting a time-frame on it as life has a habit of getting in the way (sick child, guests etc etc *grin*)!

That's it from me tonight,


MaxineD said…
Well done - don't know that it would work here, but I do turn the computer off early evening.
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