Love, Love, Love

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

Linking in with Paisleyjade

1) Even more walking:

2) Grandfathers and the blocks:

I think I know what they'll both be getting for Christmas this year ;-)!

3) NEW fridge/freezers:

I am IN-LOVE... I have been waiting for a new fridge/freezer for YEARS... our old one was tiny, like the smallest size you could buy (beside the beer fridge) and we just weren't fitting everything in by any stretch of the imagination! I am so serious about this, I took 23 photos of the fridge being brought into the house and set up... yep, 23! How sad am I! Mr. C ignored me until he had finished, and then said 'What are you going to be like when we buy our first house?"!!!!!!!!!
4) Uncles from out-of-town, who turn up at the same time at the same shopping centre as us (and not our usual shopping centre at that), and who are free and available at that exact time to help hubby pick up our new fridge/freezer! And despite the grumpy baby - still try to help entertain her as well... coincidence? I think not!

5) The beautiful BIG box that was left after the arrival of the fridge/freezer... it was cause for great entertainment:

6) The gorgeous weather we had today... we all enjoyed the sunshine (some more than others, I am sure Pixel was in a sun-daze when Button attacked her here)!

There is plenty more to be thankful for (including my parents who came and stayed with us for four nights this past week - love you guys), but right now I am exhausted and just thankful that my bed is right beside me... so, goodnight everyone!



PaisleyJade said…
Beautiful list - so funny you taking all those pics of the fridge!! Fridge boxes are the best.
Great weekend, thanks :-) and I am sure you all made the best of the sunshine yesterday.

Loved all the cuddles and 'races' around the table with Button

Lisa said…
love your new fridge!
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