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This was written for a friend who was going through a rough time, if I  have written with a specific person in mind; I won't be naming them... most of the time they're not even aware I have written a poem for them, so to then 'expose' them to the poem (and all you others) years later is a bit rough *grin*!


My eyes sting with tears
As I listen to your news
My heart cries out loud
And I really want to be with you

I want to hold you tight
To wrap my arms around you
To shut out all your past
And to help you to get through

I want to make you forget
And only allow you to see ahead
I want to promise a brighter future
But these things can only be said

But what I can do
Is to promise to pray
And to be with you in spirit
At anytime of the day

Oh how I wish that I could do
All the things that I’ve said
But only Christ can do these
As you allow Him to be Head

© 17th March 1993


Written when I was going through a rough patch... never contemplated seriously at that stage though, just worked through on paper. Writing has always been therapeutic/cathartic for me; so this was really just a bunch of words getting down some of the emotion I was feeling at the time.


Going, continually down
Down, down, down
Never-ending spiral
Once you start, you never end
Feeling very dizzy
Holding your head in your hands
Can’t cope any longer
Have to get out
Have to leave this place
Can’t handle much more
Questions never stop
Keep assaulting your head
Can’t concentrate for long
Everyone is against you
There is no longer a word called love
It does not exist
Hate is the only feeling alive
It crawls, and tickles and kills your soul
You hate it, you hate the world
Have to forget, try to sleep
Only restless, sleep won’t come
There is no longer a Saviour
Nothing can save you from yourself
You think there’s nothing worth living for
And there’s no point in putting
The fullstop at the end of your sentence
Because that’s what your life has felt like
Just a sentence
A sentence in one huge book
You feel worthless
Time to get off this never-ending
Continually down-ward spiral
It is finished...

© 20th January 1994



Written for some friends on their engagement - 07/02/94
Love is a beautiful thing
Between two people
It’s when the “You” and “I”
Becomes just “us”

It’s when all you want to do
Is to be together continually
It’s when you’re comfortable
And can talk about anything together

It’s when the positives
Outshine the negatives
It’s being the best of friends first
And lovers come in second

It’s when you think of each other
Serving selflessly each other
It’s when you respect each other
Never pushing to have things your way

It’s when you come to decisions
Each in submission to the other
It’s when you want to spend your lives together
Bringing up your family in love and honour


It’s doing the Lord’s will
For yourselves and for you both as a couple

© 7th February 1994


I’m not sure when I wrote this next poem, I found it in 1994 amoungst some stuff I was going through. I liked it, so I have added it! It is written from the perspective of someone who has died and is looking down at their family/friends from up in heaven.


I didn’t want to upset you
I hate seeing you so sad
But if I had to make a choice
I’d stay here, please don’t be mad

I love you far more than words can say
Nothing can ever really change that
But remember me in the “good ole’ days”
And be happy to leave it at that

If I could see you just once more
I’d take the opportunity fast
And I would say all the little things
That have been left unsaid in the past

Things like how much you mean to me
And all the little “Thank you’s” I forgot
I used to take you for granted
But now the time has come that I cannot

Please don’t be angry at what has happened
Things like that just can’t be changed
Just think of the time when we’ll be together
And let that cheer you through the rain.

© 1994


And once more I promise - they do get better ;-)!



A mix of quality here - as you say, these are older poems and at the time they were important and helped you hone your craft.
Amy said…
Well done on being brave and sharing your poems...I can see how putting 'pen to paper' would have helped you work through things at the time. I sometimes find myself doing the same sort of thing, just writing, writing, writing to help find my way through thoughts to hopefully come to some clarity! Looking forward to reading more of your work.
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