Things I'm Lovin'

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) Proper fireguards:

Remember this?

Well now look what we have:

2) Family walks up the driveway when a small child was finally starting to get better... (only to come down with an ear infection later on this past week *sigh*)

3) Cute little outfits - dungarees made by Gran (my Mum), cute little top knitted by Nana (Hubby's Mum):

4) BIRTHDAYS - all day!

Hubby took the day off work (first time - but told him it HAS to become a tradition now)... started off with a coffee in bed and help with opening my presents from family (excuse the bed hair, it only looks cute on babies *grin*):

Can you tell I am into photos!?! Photo frames and a scrap-booking kit - wahoo! 

Followed by a 'Birthday Morning Tea' and play at Boarders Bookstore:

Then an attempt at some family photos before hubby and I disappeared out for dinner and the evening (thanks to Russell & Rowie for baby-sitting):

5) Hubby's who are willing to give up their Sunday's to help clean the house before his parents arrive:

6) Little girls who find adventure playgrounds in the midst of chaos!

7) New computer stations, allowing me more time with my daughter (can't get to my computer unless she is asleep now) and more time with Hubby as he studies in the evenings up in our bedroom also:

 Check out the view from our bedroom window :-)!

8) And finally - just in case you were having withdrawals, some super-cute photos from today:

Well, that's it friends!


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