2 Hours I'll Never Get Back!

I have just spent TWO hours sorting Button's clothes... seriously, who knew it would take that long!

It went from this (taking over the ENTIRE spare bed):

To this:

And now all the 'Too Small' clothes have also been sorted, boxed and stored (for maybe one day in the future):

So - that was my Saturday evening... hoping yours was a lot more interesting :-)!



Amy said…
Hehe, I did have to laugh. I've sorted Munchkin's clothes several times already. We have two LARGE containers that take up to 6months old...have now run out of room and will need to find another container for the next lot (at least with the onesie bummsies he has been wearing many of the same tops since September - just getting really too short now)! Did you feel a nice, deep sense of satisfaction having them all tidied away?
Ah - my days of that are gone.... not that we had quite that many clothes to sort!
I feel like I am periodically FOREVER sorting... toys, puzzles, clothes, washing, cupboards! Life with little ones hey!!! I also did some clothes sorting on Friday - hate doing it, but love it when it's done!! Well done!
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