Bloggy Tea Party


We managed to get together in Auckland and have a tea party... but no one took camera's except me, and my photos suck!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH; so will have to show you a photo of me and Button before we left on our adventure (I so thought I was going to come home with hundreds of photos, but in the end there were only 7 (seriously?!?), and most of them suck)!!!!!

So this is us just before we left... it was a LONG trip for us, I haven't driven that far in Auckland by myself let alone with Button! But we DID it, and both survived! AND I have realised that as long as I have quite specific instructions and lanes sussed, I am actually quite comfortable driving here... (I have always been fine in our local area, don't get me wrong)!

So these are the ladies I got to meet:
Simone - we met at her house, thanks for your hospitality!!!!!
And then just as I was leaving:
both turned up, so I got to meet them VERY briefly as Button and I ran out the door :-(! Gutted!

It was SO lovely meeting you all, putting faces to names, seeing all those gorgeous kids come to life - rather than in photos (and learning their actual names *grin*)... and just 'being'; it felt like such an 'adult' thing to do! Although I think next time will need to be in the evening at a cafe, so I can relax and just natter with you all - I barely felt like I said more than a sentence or two to any of you, due to my cling-on (albeit, a cute one *grin)!

I hope you all liked Mr. C's banana cake, he made it late last night - I never even managed a piece (well today I didn't, of course we both sampled it last night to be sure it was eatable!!!!)!!!!! 

If any of you are ever out my way - PLEASE pop in and say hello!

I so want to do this again; but next time it'll need to be a weekend so I can leave Button at home with Mr. C (please)!!!!!



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