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We managed to get together in Auckland and have a tea party... but no one took camera's except me, and my photos suck!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH; so will have to show you a photo of me and Button before we left on our adventure (I so thought I was going to come home with hundreds of photos, but in the end there were only 7 (seriously?!?), and most of them suck)!!!!!

So this is us just before we left... it was a LONG trip for us, I haven't driven that far in Auckland by myself let alone with Button! But we DID it, and both survived! AND I have realised that as long as I have quite specific instructions and lanes sussed, I am actually quite comfortable driving here... (I have always been fine in our local area, don't get me wrong)!

So these are the ladies I got to meet:
Simone - we met at her house, thanks for your hospitality!!!!!
And then just as I was leaving:
both turned up, so I got to meet them VERY briefly as Button and I ran out the door :-(! Gutted!

It was SO lovely meeting you all, putting faces to names, seeing all those gorgeous kids come to life - rather than in photos (and learning their actual names *grin*)... and just 'being'; it felt like such an 'adult' thing to do! Although I think next time will need to be in the evening at a cafe, so I can relax and just natter with you all - I barely felt like I said more than a sentence or two to any of you, due to my cling-on (albeit, a cute one *grin)!

I hope you all liked Mr. C's banana cake, he made it late last night - I never even managed a piece (well today I didn't, of course we both sampled it last night to be sure it was eatable!!!!)!!!!! 

If any of you are ever out my way - PLEASE pop in and say hello!

I so want to do this again; but next time it'll need to be a weekend so I can leave Button at home with Mr. C (please)!!!!!



Sounds like a great morning - and trip, but hey, cling-on's come with motherhood - and Button is just like her mother ;-)
meg said…
Well done for making it! It was nice to meet you and Button. Sorry for our lack of cameras!
Cat said…
It eventually becomes easier - the getting out and about and the 'cling on' stage ::))
Lovely to meet you and well done for venturing out - it was out of my comfort zone also and I did it wahooo
Cat xx
Leonie said…
Hi Elizabeth, great you guys had an awesome get together. Ive been lucky enough to meet some of those lovely ladies several times.. and even stayed a few times at Simones. I am currently trying to arrange a weekend bloggy thing in Auckland on a weekend... I will keep everyone posted of more details as they happen!!!
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