Book Review.

Book Review:
Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me
A Memoir... of sorts.
Written by:
Ian Morgan Cron

This book is a non-fiction work (a memoir of sorts) about a young boy growing up in a home with an alcoholic father. It is, at places, difficult to read due to some of the harrowing experiences Ian (and his family) go through at the hands of his father, but it is also refreshingly real, and at times, funny!

I found the style of this book very easy to read - Ian allows it to flow, despite at times, back-tracking to go into more depth about a memory or a story. This, quite often, can make the storyline jerky and difficult to pick up and put down.

The story is a story of hope - all the way through, you can see how God keeps intervening in Ian's life; despite Ian choosing to walk away from the church in his teenage years. I found it quite remarkable how there were so many God-moments orchestrated through-out his life even when he was at his lowest points... I also found it encouraging to see how God used Ian 'despite of himself' after he'd recommitted to Him, but before he'd faced his demons.

I felt that it just went on slightly too long nearing the end, and was almost tempted to put it down as there seemed to be 'more of the same' over again. But then he comes to the present day with his wife and family, and talks about his worries about being a good father to his children; especially his son. It really grabbed me then and hooked me once more; I guess they're worries every parent has. But I felt very satisfied when it finished - you knew Ian had made peace with his past (despite his Father having died), and was able to move forward unhindered. It felt like this book was quite cathartic for him; like a final release, allowing him to let go of his past and live fully in the present.

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Sounds like an interesting read :-)
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