Life is getting BUSY, and I am LOVING it!!!!!!!

Just the other week I was moaning to Mr.C about how boring everything was; and his stock-standard reply is to 'get out more...'! Easier said than done, I thought - grumbling away to myself; Button is still on two sleeps a day, and we have very limited time to really 'get out'!

God must have been listening - this is what has happened in the past fortnight:

- Button has started transitioning down to one sleep (painful by the end of the day, but she'll get there)! So this opens up so many more opportunities for us in the mornings though... first thing is regularly attending our church 'Coffee n Kids' session on Tuesdays!

- I got a phonecall from a friend asking me if Button and I'd like to join her at the local Playcentre... this Playcentre is only 10 minutes down the road from us, and I didn't even know it existed! I have looked Playcentre up before, and thought our closest was a good 30 minute drive away! So I am looking at enrolling Button two mornings a week early next term, once this transitioning to one sleep is sorted.

So looking at the above will mean 3 mornings out a week already...

- I then got a phonecall from a lady at church I haven't spoken to or seen for ages, asking to me join the TNT Trust  (Tony McClean Nepal Trust) as their Secretary... she assured me it was just a monthly meeting, and then typing the minutes! WRONG, I went to my first meeting last week - so much more involved than that, but I am EXCITED!

* More about TNT & Playcentre later in the post!

* With Button transitioning down to one sleep, I'll be SO much busier with her as well - but she is at such an exciting age, and is picking up things so quickly! It also means it opens doors for more hospitality to be extended at my end, and more opportunities to go out visiting as well (now I just have to convince people to invite us *grin*)!

* I am going to a Bloggy Meet-Up THIS Wednesday... I am excited, nervous and down-right terrified all at once! Partly the driving (I am still on my Restricted License, and don't often go out of my comfort zone alone... ah-hem, if at all really * swallow*)! So really, I have to GET there first, before I can even begin to relax and think about enjoying myself... then I have to think of Button as well - we don't go out visiting very often yet, and we don't travel long distances alone yet. So will she cope well enough to allow me to relax? Then I have to get home again - not only will I have to remember directions, but then work them out backwards; and I am NOT good with left and right, let alone directions...!!!! AND, Button will be tired; so will she cope with the trip home (she does not sleep in the car)!?!

This is why I don't go out much - I get myself so wound up before I even manage to get out the door, that it's a miracle if I make it at all! Part of this is me, I'll admit it - I have been a bit like this from the start, but part of it is still the PND talking; "Will I cope?", "Will Button cope?", "What if people don't like me?", "What if Button loses it?". These things never bothered me so much BK (Before Kids), and the little concerns I had, I was able to hide easily... but now, it feels like they are BIG things and it often stops me from going out altogether. Hopefully one day I'll feel in control enough to handle my life again.

Hubby is VERY keen on me going out to this Bloggy Meet-Up, he thinks the driving will be good for me - but I think he also see's it as a confidence boost for me to make the effort to go out and meet 'perfect strangers' (kinda)! He is even making his amazing Gluten-Free Banana Cake for me to take with... yummy!

I AM excited - I see all the posts of other Bloggy Meet-Ups going on, and think they look amazing and wish I could have been there... so here is my chance, and I am GOING unless I am struck by lightning, or a tummy bug *grin*!

I am excited to see a semblance of life returning for me... Hubby has been at me to get out and do things, with Button during the day and by myself at night; he is more than happy to be the one staying at home! So he is pretty stoked to see me becoming involved as well, it makes a big difference in how I view life over-all!

So - Playcentre:

So it turns out, that given the opportunity, my daughter is quite the social butterfly - she LOVED Playcentre, and had a ball... new books, new toys, new children to play with! Her absolute favourite part of the day was sitting with 'the big kids' at the table for morning tea, she kept looking at me and just laughing! So cute! I have never seen her settle so quickly, relax and enjoy herself so easily, or take to other folk as well as she did that day! I am SO looking forward to going regularly with her next term ;-)!

And the TNT Trust:

The Tony McClean Nepal Trust was started in honour of Tony, the teacher who died in the Mangatepopo Tragedy three years ago... Tony attended our church, and also the Homegroup we are involved in. We didn't know him well or for long, as he was overseas a lot (did six months in Nepal not long after we'd first met him), as he had a real heart for missions (and travel *grin*)

I took this photo on the last occasion we had of seeing him, we were at a mutual friends wedding and he was singing - this was taken when he was sitting watching the ceremony (not singing). He was always smiling, but this is why I love this photo so much, it shows a different side to him; a deeper more reflective side. We were blessed enough that day to have been seated at the same table as he was, which meant that we actually got to spend a bit of time with him... ten days later he was dead.

Anyway, the point was to say that I have been asked to join the Trust set up to honour his calling, his heart... I said yes just thinking it would be a good chance of getting out (little did I know that there are obviously other reasons), I have only attended one meeting. It has already changed me (God has already changed me); I have been reminded that there is life beyond my four walls, I got a glimpse of how self-centred I have become. But I also got excited; I have never had a heart for missions - it just wasn't something that really interested me. Don't get me wrong, I see a desperate need for missions overseas, and especially in 3rd World Countries, but it just isn't for me... However, by the end of that first meeting I can see just how specifically this Trust, Tony's legacy, is helping people - it is exciting; I am excited! We made it to church on Sunday, and Mr. C is happy to take Button out and stay with her in creche, giving me the chance to stay in church (loving that)... and our Pastor (Tony's Dad) spoke a bit about the Trust and the work it is doing; my heart just about leapt out of my chest! I needed to hear that, and it just confirmed for me that I am doing the right thing here. God is good, and I am excited about this! It also was a great encouragement... I don't know how to explain it, but it finally feels like I am doing something significant with my life; no matter how small a part I am playing, it is changing lives for good. I felt honoured to be a part of it - and I hope and pray God can use my small contribution to not only change other lives, but maybe to start changing me also.

Anyway, that is my lot for tonight,



Ange said…
Let Google Maps be your guiding light! I'm terrible with directions too, but GM takes the stress out of trying to find where you're going (and how to get home again!) - we don't have a printer at home, so a sticky note on the steering wheel with shorthand directions works for me. Your hubby is right - practising will increase your confidence, with the driving and getting out and about with your Button =) She'll love it...the worst she can do is cry in the car, and then you give her a big reassuring cuddle at your destination and tell her how strong and brave you both were =)
(Popped over from KMB - nice to meet you!)
Big YAY for you - will we see you when we visit now?? Sounds as though you may not be home all that much ;-)

Give Button a big cuddle from me for becoming a 2nd generation PC kid!!
Amy said…
Elizabeth, you sound SO excited that I feel excited just reading about it all! Yay for Playcentre. I reckon Button is going to have a fabulous time (and Mummy too of course!). I've noticed Munchkin is MUCH more outgoing in the past few months than previously. We've been going to Tiny Boppers for over 7 months and he always used to be like glue. Now, I put him down and he is off, me chasing him all over the place as he visits people and explores things!
So glad you are finding something to give yourself to in TNT. I can see the personal touch of having known Tony being something grounding to pull you into it, but also feel your excitement building as you feel God leading you, which is so cool to see. Keep us posted!
Love Amy
Amy said…
Oh, oh, and I'm so excited you are going to the Bloggy meeting. I saw it was on, and was going to ask if you were...wish I could come too! Go, enjoy, and take photos to share! Grin.
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