Cooking Round-Up!

Cooking Round-Up from Last Week...

I started well - I made a Chicken and Sausage Stew (YUMMY; honest) to use up all the left-over chicken we had from the weekend! This was enjoyed by all, and Mr. C took the left-overs to work for lunch - there being enough left for two days, but it got eaten in one day as it was so yummy!

I then did a couple of nights of 'Cook-In-The-Pots', followed by two nights of the same meal - we were running out of meat and fresh veggies (along with everything else) as it was shopping week! However, they were all nice meals and healthy still - AND they all got cooked in time to be eaten together as a family, it was only over the weekend that hubby and I decided to eat later.

So the 'family eating' goal was met every night, and again tonight - but not necessarily the attempt at trying new things! I have done the stew before, and you just can't go wrong with 'Cook-In-The-Pots'!!!!! I also cooked a stew for friends on Friday, but we ended up eating it as we never got to see them...

So tonight was stew for me, chicken, kumera and veggies for Button, and mashed potato and veggies for Mr. C! Nothing startling, but again we all ate together...

Have I ever mentioned how my husband has this tendency to get strange idea's about food? Well the latest fad is that he has decided to cut out all saturated fat (which apparently includes ALL meat) for a week to try and lose weight as he doesn't have the time or inclination to exercise! Hence the strange meal he had... it never lasts long, and we have a bet on that he won't even last the week - I get another book when he gives in *grin*! I am pretty assured of that... hehehe!

Anyway - that is my cooking round-up for the last week, nothing startling; but I am proud of the fact we ate together as a family all week, even if the meals weren't inspirational!


PS - By Wednesday I had won my book... just as I had suspected!!!!!!


Meals need to be eatable, not necessarily inspirational for the majority of the time.
Hmm, yes, I suspect you may well get another book very shortly :-).

Well done with eating as a family!
Amy said…
Okay, so I might be very ignorant here, but what is a 'cook in the pot' - are you meaning put everything in one pot, or just a stove top meat and three vege kind of meal? Our meals have been less than inspiring since Munchkin was born, but we are all eating together most nights and mostly healthily! Grin. Keep up the good work! Amy
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