I'm Lovin' alot still!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) I feel like I haven't had much time on here recently - Button hasn't been sleeping well due to teething (molars, urrrgghhh)... so time (well everything has been really, including patience *grin*) has been limited! However; this week I have managed to complete a couple of posts I have been mulling over for a while - so I am loving that I seem to have had some extra time lately, even if it has been in the evenings! 

2) Beautiful Winter Days!

3) Busy husbands... he has been doing long hours at work this week due to stocktake, but I have just had the phone call to say he will be coming home at 3pm today - YAY!!

4) Trade-Me; look what I won for Button today:

Her cousin has one, and she LOVES it... so loving that we have now got one for her; hoping we can pick it up this weekend!

5) Warm fires on cold mornings!

6) Busy weekends - got a 1st birthday party tomorrow morning... followed by hubby bringing Button home for lunch and a sleep, while I get to go out and have a belated birthday lunch with a friend ON MY OWN!!!!

Talking of our little non-sleeper, I can hear her making noises again (and right on cue, the 45 minute mark has just come round...), so had better sign off before life gets busy again! I guess short day sleeps does mean she goes down quickly and easily at night, and doesn't wake up - that has got to be good!



Miss Prudence said…
Early Dad arrival YAY - gotta love that!
love the dolls house - yay for Trade Me!! And Daddy home early - even better :-)
Amy said…
Hope you have a fabulous time out for lunch on the weekend!
Would you like some of Munchkin's teething remedy? Can send some up...since we've increased how often we use it he is sleeping way better, both day and night and is a much happier chappy all round, which is all good by me!
Love Amy
PaisleyJade said…
TradeMe is amazing for great finds isn't it!! Do hope you have some lovely time by yourself - you deserve it!
Dee said…
These warm winter days are stunning i agree! Look at the blue sky in that picture!! A fire place sounds delicious right about now... :) x
Aakriti said…
Hey Elizabeth:):) lovely post..the house u won for ur daughter looks lovely:)
Visiting from Pasley Jade
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