LOVING - it's a good week!

SO much to be thankful for this week - so look out, it's gonna be a LONG post ;-)!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) Free Healthcare for under 6 year olds!

Button has not been herself this week, so I had her checked over this afternoon in case of ear infections etc! Thankfully she is all good... a big relief going into the weekend! Guess it's just teething again ;-)!

2) Birthday money that goes a LONG way - some fabulous books in this pile! 

'Watch Over Me' by Christa Parrish is FANTASTIC, one of the best reads I have had for a long time! A 'bucket and towel' book as my Mum calls it (made me cry lots)!!!!

3) GORGEOUS weather... we had three-four beautiful days this week, and we went out and made the most of it (and loads of washing got dry on the line)! LOVED it!

4) And gorgeous days meant lovely starts and amazing endings - take look at the mist rising over Auckland City, and then the spectacular sunsets afterwards:

5) A hint of spring in the air:

6) A chance to go out with Button - so different with a walking toddler though... had to stop and look at EVERYTHING (and taste a lot of it also *gross*)!!!!

7) Hidden (and cheap) gems for winter - there is an indoor playground about a ten minute drive away that I never knew about... we went out with our neighbours on Wednesday! AMAZING!

8) A sleepy week... Button has been slowly transitioning down to one sleep a day, but this week she has had two sleeps three out of five days. A little oasis for this Mum ;-)!

9) The meal that got me a book:

My hubby has strange fads with food - this week he was fasting from all saturated fats including ALL meat... as he never seems to follow through with these rash statements, he thought he'd make it interesting this time! So the deal was if he lasted the whole week, he'd win himself a $30 t-shirt, but if he didn't - I'd get a $30 book! I was pretty self-assured I'd be getting a book, which I mention here, and by Wednesday I was right - he could not resist the above meal, and I get myself a new book ;-)! LOVING it!!!!!

10) A very patient pussycat - she is SO good to Button, I really can't give you a total understanding of just how patient she is with words or pictures, you'd really need to see it... but here is proof from today:

11) All Black Season starting tonight - CAN'T WAIT for the world cup... we're all geared up for it in our house:

12) Our book-obsessed child... as much as it drives me crazy to be forever reading the same books over and over and over again, I couldn't think of a better thing for her to be obsessed over:

13) The Wiggles - as much as I am now waking up with their songs going round and round in my head, they have been my sanity in this week of grizzles and clingyness!

14) The Warehouse having a big sale on kids DVD's which allowed me to justify buying four new Wiggles DVD's ;-)!

Well - Button has woken up again, so must be off to rescue her!



And husbands... it has been a long couple of days with a VERY grizzly girl! So hubby came home with chocolate today - but not just any chocolate, my FAVOURITE flavour, and one he isn't so keen on.


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