Monday Medley x2

There has been a polar-blast today... even Auckland has felt it, not getting over 9.6oC ALL DAY! I don't think I have been SO grateful for our lovely warm fire as I am right now :-)!

However, despite that - I braved the elements late this afternoon to take some photos of the gorgeous sky & cloud formations for your viewing pleasure (and for posterity of course)!

They look like snow clouds to me (says she who has never seen 'snow clouds' in my life)!

I needed something to cheer me up though, Button and I shared a tummy bug (just a slight one - hence why she was off-colour) last week... both managed to bounce back over the weekend. Then this morning I woke up to a diarrhea filled nappy, three times - urghhh! I know, I know - too much information; but that's what you get on blogs ;-)!!!!

Anyway, hope these pictures take your breath away just like the gorgeous landscape (sky-scape?) did for me late this afternoon!



Amy said…
The clouds look amazing! Enjoy your warm fire! I am still in my dressing gown (over my clothes) and still feeling cold!
MaxineD said…
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MaxineD said…
Great photos - we had some pretty impressive clouds around here too!!
Bit chilly here this morning - the outdoors thermometer got down to
Catherine said…
Hope you're all feeling well again - nothing like winter bugs and childhood illnesses to drag a Mama down.
Keep on keeping on - your photos are delish

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