Poem - Fear


I was struggling with anxiety when I wrote this - I had completed my year of counselling (working through the abuse), had applied for and been accepted into Waikato School of Education to complete my degree; so was in the process of moving again. This time, it scared me... I felt like a different person, but still didn't know who I was. But I was reminded, time and again, that I needed to learn to hang onto God through good and bad times.

                         F           Is for frightened
                                      Like a child, of the night
                                      But then the morning comes
                                      And dispels it with the light

                        E             Is for enough
                                       Enough of the game
                                       For fear can eat us up
                                       And knows us all by name

                         A           Is for attack
                                       In Jesus name we can
                                       Cause the fear to go
                                       And through Him we can stand

                          R          Is for release
                                       What a feeling it can bring
                                       For then we can live again
                                       With Jesus as our King     

                                                               © 1st February 1999


Great poem - simple and to the point!
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